Friday, 9 September 2016

[Review] Gaga - "Perfect Illusion"

Even though Lady Gaga has been out there in the wild, releasing music- cheek to cheek- and booking shows- Grammys/ Oscars- she's managed to do the smart thing and distance herself from the harsh light of the general public's glare.

Seemingly having taken notes after the hyping up of ARTPOP- which was a great album, you hoes!- and the subsequent fall from grace that followed, she's kept relatively schtum about her new song, Perfect Illusion. Well here it is! Released today, the song has set Twitter alight as fans and foes try to comprehend Gaga's new sound.

Having said she was going in a Soul(ish) direction, the new single kinda doesn't confirm this, sounding more rock-pop than anything else. Produced with Mark Ronson, it's a simple song built around a repeating 8 count guitar riff. Interest comes from lo-fi moments, a (not to my taste) key change, a (very much to my taste) bridge, and some strong midrange tones from Gaga. The chorus does sound clumsy to me for some reason, but I'm sure repeated listens- c'mon the song is only three minutes!- will have it settle with me, and I'll be living for this in a few hours.

Whatever the case, I'm definitely a fan of the direction. Let's see what other goodies are in store from album number 5.


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