Thursday 8 September 2016

[Vocal Profile] Morissette Amon

Morissette Amon

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: Four Octaves Two notes (C3-E7)
Vocal Pluses:Morissette Amon  is known for a vocal range that spans four octaves and two notes. She has an extensive, connected range, allowing her to transition into other registers smoothly. Capable of riffs and runs throughout the voice and  holding notes without wavering, her skill suggests good breath control and overall technique. Known for her "squeaks" and intentional vocal breaks, the Diva applies them both when jumping between octaves and for artistic effect.

The belt is where the voice truly blooms. It's here it has its best projection, control and dynamics. The lower part of the belt is meaty, rounded and of medium weight [Because of you], and is achieved by the larynx being slightly depressed. But as it climbs the fifth octave, the larynx reverts to neutral, revealing the voice's natural, youthful and lighter timbre [Listen].

Though it does take a nasal position- as well as a higher larynx- at the extreme, the upper-belt still manages to retain much of the rounded quality of the lower part due to an excellent mix. With a metallic ring, the voice is clean and resonant [O Holy Night]. Amon is also able to produce an edgier quality to the notes here by pushing the voice and constricting the airway [Focus], but this is used sparingly and when musically needed. The ease at which she can drop through the range, sing melisma and play with textures suggests an excellent understanding of the upper chest-voice [Against All Odds].

The head-voice is soft and falsetto-esque for the most part. It's in this airier timbre she is most comfortable singing, and is able to do so with a lyrical, tender and emotive quality[Chandelier]. It is possible for her to sing with a heavy, punchier, "genuine" head-voice sound, but she usually does so to punctuate phrases, add drama or crescendo [Di Mapaliwanag].

Also in possession of a whistle register- of which the timbre is bright, biting and piercing- she is able to sing melisma and long phrases within it [I Wanna Know What Love].

Vocal Negatives: Morissette's low register is weak and foggy[Hello]. Also she loses accuracy when conducting quick and complex melisma [Emotions]. 

Thanks to video maker Its Myself for helping with this one.

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