Thursday, 3 November 2016

[Watch] CMA Audience Stay Salty with Beyonce

When news broke that Beyonce was opening the 2016 Country Music Awards, people were not happy. Considering her (wrongly) to be "Anti-police" because of her support for the Black Live Matters movement, the crazy folk on Twitter were screaming for a boycott of the award show. (I'm sure that was the real and only reason *rolls eyes*)

Even still, out she came with The Dixie Chicks to give a spirited rendition of Daddy Lessons.

Having performed the Beyonce song during their own live sets, it seemed an organic decision for the stage share. It didn't quite mesh for me in reality, but the symbolism was powerful. Here was a group who suffered backlash from this very same community for speaking out against President Bush, standing side by side with another going through a similar (if smaller) campaign of hate.

The fact that everyone in the production seemed to be getting their life made the contrasting shots of salty-faced audience members even more sweet.

Looks like these ladies are still not ready to Make Nice.


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