Tuesday 8 November 2016

[Watch] Monica Naranjo Covers "Amazing Grace"

Amazing Grace is a hymn we have heard covered time and time again. From pop to rock, this John Newton-penned message of redemption has touched many, and been tackled in almost every way imaginable. However, today comes the day we see how powerhouse vocalist, Monica Naranjo chose to tackle it.

It may surprise some of y'all.

Starting soft and feminine, the vocal stays sympathetic to the muted strings and beautiful setting. The voice, at this point, is almost unrecognisable in its tone. Only as the track builds further that the timbre becomes steely, incisive and attributable to the Diva.

As the bagpipes enter the fray and the drums kick in, there's an expectation that upper-fifth octave, mixed belts are a comin'. But nope, Monica roots the production with a solid and supported mid-range chest notes that she applies a glorious vibrato to.

It closes as it begins, with a sweet, measured and dynamically empathetic head-voice echoing the fading production.

Controlled, restrained and beautiful, this version of Amazing Grace is something to behold.


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