Wednesday 22 November 2017

Pink Slays Erryone @ 2017 American Music Awards

Post by: Diva Devotee
Pink is awesome.

Long time fan, almost everything the Diva has released has got a hand waving in the air 'yaaaaas!'. However, Beautiful Trauma's lead single, What About Us, surprisingly failed to land with me. Empowering lyrics, rousing vocals and a building production, it should have been a win, hyping me up for the new album. The opposite in fact happened- I could not care less about the upcoming era.

That all changed when I saw her perform the 80's laced Beautiful Trauma at the American Music Awards. Even with the crazy impressive death-defying routine and SINGING LIVE, it was actually the song that stayed with me after I was done picking my mouth up off the floor. And that's saying something, as it was a moving and poetic showing from Pink and her dancers on the side of a friggin building.

Interest piqued, the album was now on the radar. And boy was I glad I gave it a chance. Still pop in essence, Pink has softened the rock edge from her previous releases and moved to exploring other genres. It's a slightly hopscotch approach but it's held together nicely by the Diva's voice, writing and melody.

If you haven't already, check out Beautiful Trauma. It's artistic growth without the cutting down of what came before it.


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