Wednesday 22 November 2017

When the Rasp is Right! Kelly Clarskson @ AMAs 2017

Post by: Diva Devotee
Kelly Clarkson has got raspy as hell lately, but I love It.

Why the love for her edge, and not Ms. Aguilera's? Quite simply, Christina sounds strained AF, losing volume, fullness and support when attacking her notes. All poor choices that could end up with the voice cracking. It makes watching her sing live anxiety inducing. And i have enough reasons to be anxious without Xtina adding to them.

Now Kelly's rasp can't be healthy- are rasps ever?- but her managing to keep support behind the notes, and it generally being in keeping with the voice as a whole, makes the timbre enjoyable to me. And on the night, though not pitch perfect by any means, it was having this little edge to the voice that added the extra flavour needed for Miss Independent and Love So Soft to really pop.

Even with the super head note Eb6 of the bridge missing, and some questionable vocal moments (1.20) Kelly still had everyone in the audience lit. And all done without moving an inch.



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