Monday 29 January 2018

[DISCUSSION] Is Tinashe the next Ciara?

Post by: Montrez Rambo

No shade tonight... Just real bitter tea...

Tinashe has honestly become my favourite R&B/pop/ what ever you wanna call it last year, but why is she not poppin' like she could be?

She has a lot going for her... She sings quite a bit above average, dances way above average, and is very hands on with her music creation process... But her most recent release is a bit of a head scratcher and makes me second guess the claim...

First of all we must attack this wig and get it away from her! It is a no! It has to be a good reason for it because they let her film over half the music video in it.

Offset is also a no, sis... He furied the gays, so we can't have him.

My main issue though is how toned down and subdued a track this was. We've heard singles from her that really bop and this one didn't even try. The trap scene will forever be a home but in a sea of songs that sound the same, you need something to stand out from the crowd. This doesn't.

To be fair, she gave good lyrics, the choreography got really good towards the end and her makeup was stunning. This was a slightly grungier, harder effort than her previous one's and for that I am here sis. If this is the change to come along side the album 'Joyride', I'm not disappointed.

The topic of this 'Joyride' album has been a roller coaster...

I just want to dive into her relationship with her label. It isn't the best. Things initially seemed to be going well when '2 On' popped on the charts and 'Aquarius' was released. The album was critically acclaimed and her bright, girly voice over a darker, ambient but still very hip-hop influenced R&B sound seemed to be catapulting her into greatness. However something somewhere went wrong.

The wait for this sophomore album has been an arduous one. So many false hopes, push-backs, shade thrown at the label, and even a leak over the past two years... It's almost saddening. Even cancelled tour dates! In the midst of all the confusion, the talented young performer released an interim mixtape alongside a leaked song 'Party Favors', hoping to appease fans.

It was a time where Tinashe lashed out at fans. The leaked song didn't make a dent like she hoped it would and she demanded their support... (That's a topic for another article)...

Since then a few seemingly random singles have been released, all in a direction zig-zagging from the last. It does hint toward something rather distasteful going on behind the scene at RCA. Maybe the singles are to keep her head just above the water until an actual album and tour can be decided upon... Maybe it was to show multiple facets of the young woman. Who can exactly pinpoint it? Only she can, but we sure can speculate!

It brings up similarities with another dance-centric artist from the early 2000s. Ciara. It's not about the similarity of their artistry or what they present to us, it's about the similarities of their careers and what's going on behind the scene. Ciara is deserving of much more success than she gets, considering her talent as a performer. However her platform never pushed her they way she deserved or even made sure she had content that stood out from her peers.

Tinashe is a similar story. Her platform, for what ever reason, didn't push her the way it should when it can be argued with fierceness she deserves more. Considering her talent and very hands on approach to creating her own music, lets hope she doesn't fall off and disappear into a cloud of 'tried it'...

Now, with the arrival of 2018, things may be on the up for Tinashe. Tinashe has promised 3 new singles off the 'Joyride' album and it appears 'No Drama' is one of those efforts. We'll see what the rest of the year has in store for her.

Comments? Opinions? Am I reaching? Am I wrong? Tell me below!

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