Tuesday 16 January 2018

[NEW MUSIC] Let's talk about Dua Lipa!

I hear her all over the radio. She has one of the most recognizable and unique voices I've heard in a while and she gives one thing I love... AESTHETIC!!!

I love the way she portrays herself, dresses, and brings it with those eyebrows. There's an air of sophistication to her that is made all the more evident by that darker colored voice of hers. Everything about her comes across so smooth without a baby hair out of place.

 In "IDGAF", I was feeling the whole blue versus orange, interpretative dance thing going on. It was quite different from the normal things I see so it immediately drew me in. It was a 'look'.

As far as I'm concerned, she's representing a whole underground movement on snakey men with her releases. 'New Rules', one of my favorites, has been dictating my approach to recent boy troubles. I'll leave it at that. It helped...

But the thing I want to talk most about is her voice! What draws me in is it's color. It's not too warm, not to cold. Voices that can effortlessly strike that balance do so much for me. She is one of few women who's voice make me stop in my tracks and go... 'hmm, she sounds interesting'. That was my very first impression of her a few months ago.

The voice is not the fundamentally highest voice on the planet or the lowest. It's not the most technically proficient, nor the worst. It just has an effortless appeal to it. It sticks where it's comfortable and sounds beautiful doing it.

With a voice like her's I'd love to see some refinement. The instrument is not naturally small, having a larger sound than her contemporaries in her age group. She appears to have quite a metallic sound in the upper middle voice, and clunky slightly below average agility. She overdoes the breath pressure in the fifth octave and her support and open throat goes the window as soon as we get to above C#5.

She does keep the sound forward, palate raised and tension down(ish). The voice wasn't pushed to do anything it wasn't too uncomfortable doing but it'd be nice to see what vocal coaching could get her. Overall she's a stand out natural talent and her potential cannot be denied.

I will be diving into her catalog! Thoughts and comments?

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