Sunday 18 February 2018

[DISCUSSION] Is Spice Innovative?

Post by: Montrez Rambo

This Article may contain a bit of... raunch. But I want to discuss a topic that has been kind of looming in my mind.

Spice is sitting atop the Dancehall world. Many as of lately have been revering her as the queen of Dancehall and she literally dominates the female space of the genre.

About a month ago, she released a single called 'Duffle Bag'. The song was completely different from her norm, offering a trap beat instead of a dancehall one as well as a different style of flow on top of accent in some parts.

But is this departure innovative? The trap scene is crowded by music like this... self-declamatory, bragging about riches type of things with women twerking in the background. But its not that common to rap on a trap beat in a half-Patois half-twang, particularly a female. Literally at the 1:30 mark, you can hear the full on Patois.

Even her previous effort, a remix of Desiigner's 'Panda' had more

By twangin, I mean when a native Patois speaker forgoes the Patois to speak in a more complete sounding English. It can sound somewhat English or American but sometimes without the authenticity. On the 'Panda Remix', Spice did catch some flak for the apparent 'Twang'.

The main difference between both flows is that in 'Duffle Bag' she sounded more American at certain points while in 'Panda Remix', she sounded more indistinctly English? Does it work?

For me, not really. I would have preferred a whole Patois on both but on that same token, Spice is trying to break through into other markets and not all people can understand her native patois. And her Patois flows bring everything and in my opinion save 'Duffle Bag'.

This effort is a price example:

The whole effort sounds try-hard. I will give her this though... She does bring lyricism hard out here!

And I appreciate her trying to branch out but her best efforts to me will always be the Dancehall ones such as, 'Jim Screechie', 'Needle Eye', 'Indicator' ect...


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