Thursday 22 February 2018

[Review] Janelle Monae Comes Out... With Two New BOPS!!!!

Post by: Montrez Rambo

I wanna start this off by stating that I know there hasn't been a lot of... 'diversity' with the past few posts. Things will change.

Now Janelle Monae, you have outdone yourself! Two new singles- Make Me Feel and Django Jane- and both are bops! Wonderful lyrics, good vocals/flow and pretty interesting productions. However, what I love most though is the visuals she gave in each. They were wildly different from previous visuals and I'm here for it!

'Make Me Feel' has a distinct funk to it and brings out some Prince vibes. Vocals weren't bad but Janelle has a distinct nasality that is either hit or miss to the masses. It doesn't distract much for me though as I was able to dive right into the song and hop on the vibe.

On the other hand 'Django Jane' services fans who've been asking for a full length rap song and the song has got me rather... shook. It's a common formula but I'm here for the bit of hardness and the pretty good as hell lyrics. What I must say though is she didn't spend as much time talking about herself as other rappers. It felt like a dialogue, one to uplift women!

Another bit of praise for Janelle is the flow change from previous efforts. One complaint from past songs was that her rap flow was always a bit similar sounding. The new rap flow matches the newer more melodic style adopted by current rappers. The analogous style change shows the ability to adapt and... considering the lyrics, organic sounding instruments and deeper message, more than likely survive.

The big thing to talk about though is what exactly is the underlying message here? Rumors have been flying around the web that apparently Janelle Monae and actress Tessa Thompson (the beautiful vixen on the video) have been dating. Fans have long expected Ms. Monae to be ya know... a little LGBTish with numerous previous songs hinting at feelings for the same sex.

The videos seems to suggest she's bisexual or lesbian and if so, I'm screaming yas from the bleachers!

With Ms. Monae, we know she'll have some elaborate story she created that these two songs fit in to. A visual album is coming on April 27th and I'm getting sick waiting for it.

Thoughts on it all? Comments welcome below...

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