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Sunday 29 June 2014

[Watch] Haim Cover Beyonce's "XO" at Glastonbury 2014

You better believe I stan for Haim!

Something about this trio of sisters does funny things to me, almost to the extent that they can do no wrong in my eyes. (I smell witchery afoot!) So you better believe I was pumped to watch their live show at Glastonbury 2014.

Performing to a packed audience, the Divas rocked "The Other" stage. Mixed in with their own collection of great songs were two popular records by other artists:  Fleetwood Mac's Oh Why and Beyonce's XO.

Thursday 27 February 2014

[Music Video] HAIM Work It with "If I Could Change Your Mind" Visuals

HAIM (which I still read as "ham") have released a video for latest single If I Could Change Your Mind!

The visuals find the sisters being transported back to the 70s and somehow bagging a spot on the Soul Train stage- despite their Fleetwood Mac-esqu music! It's a suitably retro affair, with the Divas venturing out from behind the instruments to school Girl groups everywhere (I'm looking at you South Korea!) on how to really rock some choreography.....(!)

To help get the steps just right, the sisters (apparently) employed Aaliyah's former choreographer to work out a routine for them. Honestly, it's a little hit and miss- I don't believe they were all fully committed to it- but it's great to see them trying something clearly out of their comfort zone.

Goes without saying (since I love their album) that I very much enjoy the song, too!