Thursday 27 February 2014

[Music Video] HAIM Work It with "If I Could Change Your Mind" Visuals

HAIM (which I still read as "ham") have released a video for latest single If I Could Change Your Mind!

The visuals find the sisters being transported back to the 70s and somehow bagging a spot on the Soul Train stage- despite their Fleetwood Mac-esqu music! It's a suitably retro affair, with the Divas venturing out from behind the instruments to school Girl groups everywhere (I'm looking at you South Korea!) on how to really rock some choreography.....(!)

To help get the steps just right, the sisters (apparently) employed Aaliyah's former choreographer to work out a routine for them. Honestly, it's a little hit and miss- I don't believe they were all fully committed to it- but it's great to see them trying something clearly out of their comfort zone.

Goes without saying (since I love their album) that I very much enjoy the song, too!



  1. She draws inspiration from one of the greatest civilizations in history, and this is what she comes up with? No further comment.

  2. "Egypt" --> "Aphrodite"? LOL
    People are "offended" by this bit of colorful nonsense?
    I am "offended" by anybody taking this serious enough to be ''offended".
    Also I want that twinkies pyramid! ;-)

  3. Africa was originally Khemit, Opie.
    The definition of NIGGER is ignorant person. And Opie, what are you talking about? None of what you're saying is valid and in fact most of it was irrelevant to what I was talking about. You're not understanding. You're just trying to find fault with something here and there is none, sorry to disappoint. The back ground of the words are factual. As far as what I'm wondering? How they tie into eachother? No, not at all. It's just speculation. A theory more a less can be thought of as a belief supported or based on ideas and facts and stuff. This isn't a belief of mine. Again, I just think it's interesting. It's possible. I'm not supposing that it is or isn't.
    But again, way to go =D

  4. you know, I've NEVER tried a twinkie... and that was the thought I was left with after watching the video the first time.

  5. No it was not originally "khemit"
    And we were talking about the word "black' but even the word nigger is in none of the three English dictionaries I mentioned defined as "ignorant".
    I am still left wondering which dictionary you are using.

    Everything I said was valid in connection to your incorrect claim and came from said three dictionaries.

    Your "speculative" reason for Jamaicans disliking calling themselves "black" may be "possible" but is highly unlikely.

    What you are doing is more like fantasizing than speculating.

  6. And I nowhere said anything about whether you believe the nonsense you wrote. I just addressed the nonsense itself.

    Khemit btw is another name for Egypt and only used by some metaphysical nonsense peddlers.
    And it seems that supposed fact is something you do profess to believe to be factual.

  7. I never did either DD. But from the description I have a strong inkling I would like them.
    Anything sweet,loaded with empty calories and completely "unhealthy' is my kind of snack. ;-)

  8. Enlighten us Opie, please. How did "Africa" come to be? Tell us the significance of the name, who it belonged to and his origins, please? Once you do, and do so correctly, use those excellent rationalizing skills you use ever so often on DD. But if I am incorrect, my teacher who's got a PhD, bestow upon me your knowledge. I'm not a history fanatic but this would be something I'd be interested in knowing.
    The American Heritage Dictionary. The Definition of Nigger is Ignorant person.
    You need to look up the word fantasizing....fantasizing is based off of desire and belief. Their scenarios on what if. I'm not imagining a scenario where this is true, at all. I just said it's interesting given the history. I don't think it's true nor did I say so.

  9. But you did, Opie. By saying I'm theorizing this, that it's my imagination. You basically said I believed this "nonsense" lol

  10. Again, you don't understand what fantasizing is. There's a multitude of reasons that the ethnic colours associated with certain Races came to be, I just find that one (Black) particularly marveling. That and Asian. I don't yet understand the reason Asians are associated with Yellow. It's funny, though lol Perhaps you know?

  11. "The AHD was edited by William Morris and relied on a usage panel
    of 105 writers, speakers, and eminent persons chosen for their
    well-known conservatism in the use of language. However, Morris made inconsistent use of the panels, often ignoring their advice and inserting his own opinions."

    There are differing opinions on where the name "Africa" originated from first but it was the Romans who first used the name Africa for a province located in what we today know as north Africa.
    Here's a picture of what we today know as Africa and the different empires throughout ancient times.

    Even there as you can ''Khemit"

  12. Again, that could be true. I was sharing what I thought, what I thought, okay? lol
    And no, presumptuous as ever. First off, my Grandfather is not Jamaican, my Grandmother is. Secondly, she's God, she lives forever =D

  13. Could be coming from the Yellow river or because it was the color of imperial China or the place of yellow in Chinese culture generally.

  14. The very last sentence and the 1st sentence of the 2nd you realize at all what you just said? Just wondering....
    Of course there's no Khemit, it was renamed, taken over, re-branded based on something. In that 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph, it seems as though you're saying "Africa" is derived moreso from spontaneity than history. There's significance in the name, it wasn't random. There's an actual reason it's called Africa. It begs the question of how it came to be and if so, what was that continent before it was "Africa"?

  15. It didn't have a name for the whole continent before we started to call it a continent and that particular one Africa.

    It may sound like that to you because you speculate into my words but no, of course it wasn't "spontaneous". It was based on something. But nobody knows exactly. Several theories have been postulated.

    I said there is no Khemit Kingdom in the african continent.

    Why don't you Google the name and follow some links? You will see that the name comes from metaphysical believes of a small group of people and even in their belief only refers to Egypt. Not to what we call Africa i.e. the continent.

  16. pardon that should have been "there was no Khemit in ancient history of what we now call Africa"

  17. Sorry, you were both talking grandparents and such. I remembered incorrectly. But it is unconnected to the point whether is was your grand father or grand mother, The date of birth was the significant factor.
    As for how long she will live in future ...long may it be! :-)
    My remark went to the fact that she was likely born before the big Jamaican exodus to the US.Which only really started in 1986.
    And this was to support my point that Jamaican people born well prior to that year more likely have a bigger association with their own British enslaved history than with American history.

    In order to stay on track here, I will ignore yet another claim more what you 'think" than factual. ;-)
    And re what you thought, I was responding with my thoughts on what you thought.

  18. As someone with an interest in mythology, I'm offended. LOL

  19. But would you really expect any MORE from Katy?


  21. Tell me more

  22. So who else is waiting for all the "illuminati" morons? Because paying homage to one of the most well known and prolific ancient civilizations clearly means you're part of an elite super society that wants to establish a new world order.

  23. You don't need to start a flame war, because someone says something you don't agree with... he/she does it all the time...

    And in the process always tells people they are dumb or stupid...

    You may not have experienced it with Opie, but I did, And so has other people...

  24. I know quite a bit of egyptian but Greeks is my forte. It would have been better if Katy said "make me your Isis" because Isis is the goddess of magic (and Katy was using magic in the video) and she is commonly depicted in hieroglyphics with rainbow wings outstretched. Which is what she did near the end of the video on top of the pyramid. Except I feel Aphrodite is more of a well known name than Isis. Just my two cents lol. Maybe I'll have to rewatch the video a few times.

    I would love to see a greek mythology themed music video. Is any such video out there? Someone help me here.

  25. Yes, but at the end of the day this is all an opinion, Nobody can tell me anything about me.

    And yes Opie has expressed his opposing argument in a very rude matter, Go look back at all his old post and his old screen names, if you can't remember then you have selective memory.

    Opie is no better than Primo when it comes to this situation, and he is getting at primo for the same things he has done..

    I'm not really throwing shade, I'm just calling it how i have seen it from MY experienced and what I have read, if you guys want to turn a blind eye to his passive aggressive ways then thats on you.

    Belittling someone's intelligence when you never met the person and or the person is 20 years younger than him/her, or questioning them about musical accomplishments or education just to TRY to win a flame war, Or injecting his unwarranted opinion with hopes of starting a flame war. He/she has been doing this for years on different screen names.

    He/she is not the intelligent, political person YOU think, you are merely his mouthpiece and puppet. He enjoys arguing with people on endless back and forth.

  26. My point was you had another old screen name/names... I wasn't lying...

    If people go look back on your post, yes you have been very rude to many people, and quite offensive...

    So like I said act your age, And now you may laugh away.

  27. It's worst to be 40 and arguing with 15 year olds...

    And you think you have logic???

  28. Todd nails it again.

  29. I challenge you to paste and copy when he did, because i see nothing that pointed out to an individual in a homophobic, and offensive matter...

    A general statement in a campy delivery is only offensive to the people if they have no humor, or have no backbone.

  30. Have you seen the comments you have made???

    You are laughable and so insecure that you think by doing all this makes you intelligent...

    So my question is why are you telling him that what he said was offensive when none of the terms he said don't pertain to you?

    I may be wrong but I'm guessing he is a gay male, so by him using those words is not to offend but to be campy..

    There many things you girls don't get about gay humor, you take it too seriously most of the gay males reading here probably don't even care because they see trough the humor, you guys are the only ones who seem to be affected.

  31. To be devils advocate, And trust me I dislike Opie. I think she meant in terms of "limelight" she has been around for awhile, not specifically pointing out her musical skills... But her popularity?

  32. It's only offensive if it pertains to you... Darling...

  33. Fyi, i was genuinely asking- just in case I came across snarky.

  34. Just because I don't expect much from her, doesn't mean she still isn't serving up trash.

  35. Roar was a nice video with a nice story. This, not so much. They tried tooooooo harrrrdddddddd.


  37. beautiful yes.... clever yes...Original?

    The leather assless chaps with her name written on the leg was not a bite of Christina Aguilera?

    The twerkn? Not a bite of Beyonce?

    The provocative image reinvention, not a bite of Madonna?

  38. So when primo apologized for misreading something.

    Then calling primo "crazier" after the fact primo apologized that he was going crazy over work stuff and is not focused was not an underhanded attack to continue the flame?

    I swear you guys have selective reading issues...

  39. Spanish is not my first language either.... but I guess you don't read...

    I have said tagalog was my first language, and have said I was born in the Philippines. How then can spanish be my mother tongue?

    Spanish was my second language, I am from a metizo race where we are not tagalogs, we don't learn english as our secondary language we learn spanish. I only learned english when I moved here in 2000.

    Before you say sheet get your facts straight first, because I never ever said spanish was my mother language. And you at this point are going trough some dimentia cause you can't even remember things written a few months back.

    I am entitled to look up certain words in spanish since I'm not fluent anymore, that does not make our conversation any less understandable since you clearly communicated very well with me. SO sit down.

  40. I was being nice by giving you 40's. Since you don't even act nearly within that decade below...

    You are a child, you just aged faster..

  41. Just like you and your other beeches call people stupid and you are probably one of the most ignorant people here...


  43. Please, just quote a comment of mine where I have called someone stupid and where I have shown ignorance.

  44. Yay, a fellow mythology nerd :D
    Well I think that the Egyptian Mythology and culture is much easier to capture and work with than the Greek Mythology. What would you expect? the Greek Mythology isn't so much about symbolism but interaction, unlike the Egyptian Mythology IMO.

  45. People who look to be offended will find offence in just about anything.

  46. Ok, I admit I lumped you in for guilty of association.

    But no you have not, but the other person in question is.

    In regards to my language and ethnic background you have shown many forms of ignorance...

    Just called you out on a recent post regarding to my language and cultural background...

    You can't tell primo to not call out people and assume things about people they don't know and you do the same...

  47. Omg I can't even stand the thought of eating one anymore

  48. LOL. I'm more "offended" that this is even dared being called a 'music video'. Then again, do we really expect anything better from Katy?

  49. In the context of the song, would Hathor not be more appropriate than Isis?

  50. This video is of lower quality than some home-made parodies. That's seriously sad.

  51. I'm not offended, although I don't know how much credibility I have to say if it is or isn't. But.. I mean it's not that cute. I wanted some more Unconditionally-esque visuals with the #dark, #somethingmoreurban feel of it's live performances. It's actually not a bad song, and it showed a maturing sound so I'm sad that it was released alongside one of her worst videos yet.

  52. Leith, you know I love you and respect you. But I have to disagree with you, because although the intent isn't harmful, it doesn't take away the meaning of the word. Thanks for explaining in a polite and articulate way, but I think we have to agree to disagree on this one.

  53. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes28 February 2014 at 04:53

  54. In that old post where we had the discussion in spanish you said yourself that you mastered the language. That's why, since everybody seemed to say that you didn't underestand their english posts, I wrote you in spanish so we could have an easier conversation. The problem came when I started to see serious grammar and spelling mistakes which (as I confirmed later by writing the sentences in it) were due to your use of Google Translator. Therefore, I just said that your level of psniash was far from being great, let alone it being your mother tongue.

    I, however, never denied you were from Philipinas or that you mastered tagalog. I only disagreed with spanish being one of your mother tongues, and I had reasons to do so.

  55. I guess it's just two different views. Some people think that one word's meaning depends on where the word comes from and some other think that its meaning depends on the intent of it. However, as I said to Opie, that's a term I scarcely use because I know not everybody will be happy with it.

  56. Yes but coming from a classical music background, His interpretation of singing goes far beyond popularity, or music sales or image value, or "tone" or "riffs" and "mellismas"

    I don't need to get butt hurt just because he does not like xtina, Im the one spending my money on her not him. But he certainly still has every right to his opinion wether I agree or not.

    And coming from a classical background myself, and he gives his 2 cents on proper voice use and such he is not 100 percent wrong, as a matter of fact he is mostly correct.

    when he states xtina has bad technique, the usual arguments stem from him giving his opinion on vocal pedagogy and a fan gets insulted and insults him on his looks or voice.

    It's like many fans get butt hurt just because he is pointing out an improper technique and most fans just don't get what he is saying, as matter of fact most people here don't know the science of the voice. He himself stated "Xtina actually has a very pretty voice" So like i said just because he is correct does not make xtina less of a soulful singer to many people. If bad techniques did not matter before why does it matter now just because someone points it out. It's not like xtina pays their bills. It really is not that serious...

  57. Nope, I'm not a trashy teeny bopper twink, but since I like Christina Aguilera, I have a bad musical taste, at least for him. And guess what: you do too! You're throwing stones to your own roof!

  58. I never mastered spanish to the extent someone who's first language is spanish. never claimed it was my native language, nor did I say my family speaks it fluently in the household or I need t communicate daily in spanish. The way I learned was as a child hearing other people and a few courses in school.

    I certainly understand you and most of my replies are def rusty so I need to look a few translations up. But if you don't use a language for years you tend to lose or forget a lot of it, thats normal. It's a proven fact. I have never spoken or had to use spanish most of my life, so why would anyone expect me to be so perfect? I can certainly communicate and understand spanish, but to the extent you expect me to thats impossible, when Im still learning english, I have not even spoken my mother tongue which is tagalog just so it does not hinder my english.

    Thus is all assumptions you made up because your ignorant and you don't know me...

  59. Hon, it happens to not just be my opinion that I have logic. But it does happen to be only the opinion of those who lack it yet insist on trying it on when arguing me, that I don't have it. :-)

  60. Example right there of lacking logic. No sweetie, I do not think I am intelligent because I argue people like you. I think that is in fact one of my less smart moves. But I just find it so damn endlessly entertaining to show up fools.
    I KNOW I am intelligent because it is a independently proven claim i.e. a fact. :-)

    Anf btw yes, unlike you, I have not only seen my own comments, I have also seen Primo's.

    And did you, a girl, just try to use "girl" as an insult to me and the couple of guys who find a certain way of treating people offensive?
    Nah, never mind answering that one. As I am pretty sure, you in fact do not read your own comments and half the time have no idea what you are writing. Or what you are defending here.

  61. Nope, nothing "underhanded" about it. And I think Primo got that comment exactly how it was intended.

    Again, I call people dumb and stupid and illogical when they post words to which said adjectives apply. My statements always go to their comments, their words! Not based on imaginary facts re their person or social status.
    I also don't call people such unless they first tried to insult me a couple of times. I feel at that point, I can address the ignorance or stupidity or illogical or straight out lies in their words in a more outspoken manner.

    And I don't get mad. I point out illogical assumptions.

  62. I already explained that to primo. Proves again, you don't even read.

  63. And THAT is exactly what I remembered Leith.
    I think our memories are more reliable than that of a person who has been told several times I am female and still can't remember that. ;-)
    Nor can remember It was Primo rather than me who was criticizing Christina.
    Well, let's call it a "memory" problem anyway. Just so we don't get accused of assuming someone to be a liar when they tell lies. LOL

  64. For fucks sake. I GOT what your "point" was. Your "point" was to tell another lie. This time not about yourself but about me.
    And like I replied the first time you made your "point'/told your lie....I have never used any other screen name than Opie Ever.

  65. As an Egyptian Muslim, all I have to say is that I'm not really offended at the way she portrayed my culture. It was supposed to be a comedic, fun take on Ancient Egyptian culture, and I'm OK with that. The fact that she included Allah's name in the process for absolutely no reason and turned into sand is another matter, of course. I'm glad that she edited out of the video and irked that she/the director/the visual effects supervisor didn't have enough education to know how to differentiate between Ancient Egyptian/Middle Eastern culture and Islam. If they thought that any Islamic reference/symbol is representative of Ancient Egyptian culture, then I would advise them to go back to school and sue their history teacher.

  66. LOL sweetie, you were again either experiencing memory issues (were you also "being nice" when you forgot several times I am a female and addressed me as a male?)
    or you were lying?
    Well, I won't assume anything and leave it up to the reader to make their own minds up. :-)

  67. Again with the "his's" and the lies.
    And sweetie, if only you had taken my advice and looked up "flame war"! You might realize the one guilty of starting one here!

    But it seems we do have something in common...we both enjoy "arguing with people on endless back and forth"
    Lucky thing eh, because if I didn't find like minded folk...I'd be talking to myself. ;)

  68. LOL I guess I must have never been informed that part of the training for classical music is learning how to call people "fat trannies".

    And I have never argued Primo on anything he said regarding music theory.
    Dude knows his stuff and I freely admitted always, I do not know music theory.

    Clearly you have not read or understood half of his comments. But hey, good for you. I am sure it is a wise attitude to pretend anything offensive someone tells you is just "gay humor".
    How's about you just consider me telling you things you find offensive "smart people humor". ;-)

  69. No, I do not confuse someone's imagining to be something they "believe".
    And like I say, it is your imagination. Which logically is interesting to you. Whether it is interesting to someone else remains to be seen.
    Or actually, we can judge how interesting folks think it is by looking at the sales numbers of Stephan Mehler's book.

    "Amazon Best Sellers Rank:

    #327,598 in Books"

  70. LOL I am presuming you are joking. I am going to go ahead and like me, a person also enjoying Mythology, you in actuality were more amused than offended. at her throwing a Greek godess in with Egyptian cultural references?

  71. LOL well the next one that crosses your path, sent it over to either DD or me!

  72. lOL I want to double upvote that one Brian

  73. Ironically, my best friend is a Muslim- Afro-Egyptian (although he just calls himself African) and he, too, wasn't offended by the video but, just like you, he stated his continued annoyance at the lack of differentiation between 'Ancient Egyptian/North-African & Middle-Eastern' culture aswell. Then again, I'm not surprised - the U.N have, more or less, now classified North-Africa as being part of the "New- Middle East" (how stupid) so are we really surprised at all this?

  74. "Afro-Egyptian" LOL

  75. This makes sense actually. The egyptian gods were more about representation than character as apposed to the greek gods.

  76. Well Hathor is the goddess of beauty. So it would realistically be more appropriate. But nobody would get that reference though.

    There is Isis symbolism in this video (the outstretched wings mainly). That's why I said Isis. That's me personally though.

  77. I'm not actually offended . It's more a facepalm sort of thing lol.

  78. Well, I can see why you fail to understand why and what we find offensive exactly. AND why you like Primo that much.

  79. But it seems as though you aren't understanding the nature of imagination. What exactly did I "imagine"?

  80. girl that wasn't what im saying. i said he did all of the things you mentioned. and i swear you both can't truly understand what we're saying here. all i said was he did "A- singled out someone( not including flame wars)?
    B- offended anyone by addressing them?
    C- said anything offensive that particularly pertains to you?"

    so what's with the irrelevant reply?????

  81. I thought you imagined those links between things as well as Africa ever being a Kingdom called Khemit.
    But I do stand corrected, I found it was actually not your imagination but someone else's you were recounting in that first comment.

    The confusion lies, as far as I can see, in you thinking that I ever thought you were sharing how you actually believe things to be. I never did think that. I thought you were indeed just imagining a possible scenario and sharing that in this thread. My criticism went to that scenario itself. Not to whether you believe it or not.
    My criticism went in short, to that scenario you painted. Not to you personally.

  82. Btw you did post " Africa was originally Khemit, Opie."
    Was I wrong in thinking that you are saying there, you do believe that to be a fact?

  83. btw just looked it up online and here's what the American heritage Dictionary say under the word "nigger":

    Offensive Slang
    a. Used as a disparaging term for a black person: "You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger" (James Baldwin).
    b. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any dark-skinned people.
    2. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any socially, economically, or politically deprived group of people.
    [Alteration of dialectal neger, black person, from French nègre, from Spanish negro; see NEGRO.]

  84. But most likely because it was the obvious reason. Light brown would be confusing since "black" was already in use for brown hued skinned people of a different continent.

  85. I have the dictionary in my possession and it says ignorant person, exactly.

  86. Yeah, here in Spain the case is pretty much the opposite. Black people don't mind to be called black, but white people are usually reluctant to call them black because they find it offensive, so they opt for "negrito" (which literally means "little black", so it kinda seems you're referring to his dick) or even worse, "de color" ("coloured"; which it's like "are you transparent or something?")

  87. Whether you THOUGHT that or not isn't reflective of what you said. You're not understanding what you said and how it was said. Based off of what was said, you UNQUESTIONABLY inferred that it was a belief of mine, a fallacy. You may not have "thought" that these were my notions but the diction you chose is indicative that you, infact, did. Opie, you have a trend of finding faults in things that do not exist. THAT's what happened here.

    Africa being called Khemit is something that I was taught in class. Maybe it was a theory, unconfirmed, that the kings/queens were branded those names. But even if it is untrue, the "links" still exist. This is not to be confused that they do exist. However, I DO have the American Heritage Dictionary and I don't believe I'm illiterate or "imagining things" because it does indeed read an ignorant person *verbatim*. "Blacks" were uneducated so by the standard of the word they were niggers. Now, I'm not saying they had hidden intentions with the definition, at all. Just given the history, I find it interesting. It's just as possible as it isn't. I'm not advocating either.

    Anyway, I'm just TRYING to understand why Jamaicans don't consider themselves Black. It could be because they're disdained by the fact of being unwilling patrons of Dictators. That's very possible. Maybe it could be because of the possibility that Black is American and they're abhorred by the history that it harbours. I don't know. But again, none of it is actually mine. I'm not imagining ANYTHING.

  88. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 02:46

    I think you need to relax smoke weed, and take a chill pill, your already past 50 and don't give yourself a heart attack...

    Unnecessary stress will make you bitter and troll diva devotee when your 50.

  89. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 02:49

    Where is the paste and copy boo???

    He actually never pointed anyone, or mentioned names only after the fact that Opie troll started "TRYING" HIM.

  90. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 02:54

    Actually its not my fault when you troll a page, with so many useless bs of yours, and the order of messages on my end gets messed up. Because you decide to spam a page.

    I don't follow your replies to other people your not important enough, I only reply to people who reply or who I think is interesting enough to follow on postings. Then I can read from then on, your postings or replies to others really are pathetic and for years the same thing over and over and it's redundant and old like your ass... Get a new hobby.

  91. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 03:46

    Really? being unabashedly herself?
    Well, I don't know her in person, so I am not sure how much of that is truth. But I certainly find it hard to believe that she went from wanting to be a good example for girls and having "good christian values" to someone whose whole image is hyper-sexuality and absurdity.
    And let's not forget she already tried to do the whole Gaga thing with "Can't be tamed".

  92. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 03:51

    The immense difference is that in Spanish the word "Negro" is pretty much neutral, and even used endearingly, especially in South American countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc.

  93. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:00

    I always find hilarious when gay boys identify as feminists.
    You are not a woman. Perhaps you can say you are for equality, or perhaps the term "humanist" would be better.

  94. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:04

    You are free to do whatever you want, as I am free to have an opinion.

  95. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:06

    Eating is also a natural part of being human, but eating just for pleasure or as coping mechanism or to relieve stress, well....

  96. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:09

    Using sex to express love is a basic form of expressing love. Sure, if one wants to do it, fine. But I believe true love is expressed by compassion, trust, loyalty, kindness, etc. Sex is not "necessary" for love.

    Perhaps you have an issue with sex and don't see it as something highly spiritual because of your sexuality and how it has been demonized.

  97. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:13

    For me sex is a serious issue, something "sacred" that should not be given away just to anybody. Why? because every entity is energy, and I believe that we shouldn't pollute our energy by letting into us the energy of someone we don't love, know or truly trust.
    If one chooses to express their love for someone through sex, fine, but I don't think real love is expressed primarily by a sexual relationship. For me real love is about loyalty, trust, kindness, compassion, intellectual stimulation, etc.

  98. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:17

    I am amazed when people pay so much attention to me and love to learn details about my life.
    If you want to know, I identify with unicorns because of several reasons, their spiritual and mystical connotation, as I'm interested in mysticism and Gnosticism. Also, because of certain supernatural experiences I lived in my childhood involving what I believe to be unicorns. Of course, that's just my opinion and belief, as some people believe in angels or fairies.

  99. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:21

    If anyone has posted lies here is you. You claimed to have had your intelligence recognize by a certificate of some kind, which would imply you are a member of MENSA, which I highly doubt.
    You also claimed that I claimed things such as that I had graduated with a PhD, when - if you bother looking through my comments - I have repeated several times I graduated with a masters degree and started a PhD what I feel to be not too long ago.
    I've edited my posts because of grammatical errors and to soften up insults, not to backtrack on things I've said. That's all.
    And if we speak of inconsistencies, let's talk about how you want to take a position of logic but at the same time give so much weight to personal opinion, which suggests an immense fallacy.

  100. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:22

    How many hyper feminine women cut their hair like that?

  101. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:23

    You mean the group of stans you are part of? Yes.

  102. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:28

    I'm 25 and will turn 26, not "26/28", so get your facts straight, please.
    Second of all, most adults will agree the opinions of 15 year old kids are worthless.
    The fact you bring up my edits made because of grammatical errors and to soften up insults shows you have nothing solid to go by, as I haven't shown the immense logical inconsistencies you have trying to pass myself as an intellectual and yet given immense weight to personal opinion and subjective criteria. Pick one and stick to it, please.

  103. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:31

    Did I attack somebody here who did not attack me first in some way? Show me. Please show me how I went after somebody for no reason whatsoever, just to be mean.
    When I attacked you some time ago was because you said something I considered stupid, you said that pop singers don't need to have good technique, just "good enough" is ok because it's more about the image or whatever.

  104. Hmmm, well let's take a look:
    the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

    Now hold up, what was that key word here? Equality? Oh my god could it be true that some people could actually want women to have equal rights to men? How dare they? And it's soooo unreasonable to call it feminism, I mean women are the ones that are unfairly treated as lesser, but no let's call it "humanist" to distract who the real victims are. And how dare a man of all people want equal rights to women? In fact how dare white people want equality for blacks? And how dare straight people want equal rights for gays? In fact why can't we all just stay neatly in our segregated lines and hide the minorities in the boxes just like in the 50's and be done? Wow damn those people who actually want equality.

  105. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:42

    But you've had so many foolish moves though...I mean, you consider yourself so smart, and yet you base so much not empirical facts but on personal opinions. That's pretty much the basis of a fallacy. You've also assumed you know everything about my life and what I do based on my YouTube channel or my comments here, which is, again, another immense fallacy.
    I've brought up these issues to you in the past and you have failed to address them in any way.

  106. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 04:57

    Depends which Mariah you love :) if you love Mariah NOW, I would worry. If you love Mariah back in the day, I would say "sophisticated, soulful queen".

  107. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 March 2014 at 05:04

    Most feminists do not want equality, they want to be treated better than men.
    Why? because most women still expect to be given a preferential treatment over men, they expect men to pay for dates, men to support them economically, men to do the courting, etc. So no, they don't want to be treated as equals, they want to be treated better than men treat each other.

    Perhaps deep down inside you want to be a woman? :)

  108. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 05:23

    Lol i will take the latter... And i love it...

  109. Thanks Rush, for that insight in feminism and what women want.
    Seems though, as a male with such an insight in "what most women want", perhaps it is you who is strugling with some gender issues? ;-)

  110. I'd love to get my facts straight Primo. Just not sure which "facts' to go with. But okay 25. BIG difference!

    As for your bro, they did not go to grammartical erors. They went indeed to "softening down insult" (good to see you now admitting that is what they are. Instead of "gay humor" as your new fan is claiming.)

    However that, "softening down" leads to significant changes of content. Fact is you make those AFTER someone already responded. You also fail to not that you edited something in your comment.

    And no sweetie, you THINK you "showed up logical inconsistencies". Unfortunately...that is only true in your imagination.

    But here's a logical inconsistency for you...the idea that being an intellectual means you cannot choose to give more weight to personal opinion when discussing the fine arts.

    "The intellectual is a specific variety of the intelligent, which unlike the general property, is strictly associated with reason and thinking"

    Reason tells me that it is illogical to approach the fine arts through (only) reason and thinking.

    And I never claimed to be an "intellectual". I claimed to be very smart.
    People who are intimidated by intelligence went about claiming I am trying to pass myself off as an "intellectual".
    Btw seeing as I am smarter than those people are, I know the difference between being smart and being an intellectual.

  111. And for another inconsistency...if you think the opinions of 15 year olds are "worthless", why do you put such effort in "defending" yourself from them???

  112. Yes you did. Again, your history could show this. But probably you already went through it for some judicious editing.

  113. Dude, I am smart. It's a fact that has been tested and officially confirmed. :-)
    You however...not so much. That is why you fail to understand my point which you keep coming back to. Erroneously concluding there is an inconsistency there.

    And no, I never pretended or claimed to know "everything" about your life.
    Also I checked you out a bit further than just youtube and this blog. I followed your breadcrumbs. :-)

  114. "sophisticated ,soulful queen"

  115. "MENSA" hahahaha No sweetie. That is not what that implies at all.
    LOL that was so funny! As if "MENSA" is some kind of official institute certifying all intelligent people on the planet.

    And rofl how you now try to turn the fact that I noted your lie into my lying.
    And sweetie, how many times does it need to be repeated, thanks to your editing skills, at this point ...going through your comments is a pointless pursuit.

  116. Yes, those are the ideas I referred to. Thanks for recapping.
    That is indeed just like some people believe in fairies.

    My remark to Leith went, of course, to what psychologists say about the symbolism of "unicorns".

  117. You need to understand that in context. I merely noted it was one you left off.
    I by no means stated or even implied love needs to be expressed through sex or only through sex.

    I am not subject to any sense of having been demonized for anything regarding my sexuality. I know some people try, but they had no effect on my psychology.
    I don't care enough about the moral judgment by others. Only for the one by myself. And I judge my sexuality to be just perfect. can't imagine anything better than being a lesbian. My ego dude, is well developed. :-)

  118. Yes, that's how I see it. Seeing as neither of us know her personally or can look into her head, you are free to draw different conclusions from the same data.

    However, going by her words,she felt obliged to uphold the spirit of her contract with Disney (who were the ones holding those values and who hired her on the understanding those are the values she would represent. At an age, mind you, were one really does not expect a person to have a well developed sense of their adult values).

    As for her trying the "Gaga" I said previously. She was still a teenager and teenagers always go through rapid changes in tastes and such. They try out things to see if they fit. Thank heavens that "Gaga thing" didn't.

  119. LOL You need to make up your mind. Either you keep trolling me, or I am "not important enough" .
    But if you try to do both at once, you end up just where you are now..making a fool of yourself.

    I am sticking by my hobby thanks. People like you keep me entertained. :-)

  120. And being caught out at being self centered, it seems, makes one bitterly lash out.
    And sweetie, have your fun disparaging my age. One day soon, if things go well,you WILL be 50 yourself. :-)

  121. ............Nah, not even going to bother. ;-)

  122. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 07:29

    I'm sure for almost half your life.

    You entertain yourself here because you got nothing else going on elsewhere.

    50? Wow i really was nice giving you 40. Yikes.

  123. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 07:36

    Your old an senile, Because none of you can still provide me with a proof that I said Spanish was my first language...

    2 stupid women claiming something still does not make it true.

    Go ahead i challenge you, bring up the post I said spanish was my mother language...

    Does not make sense for me to be born and raised in the Philippines and my mother language is spanish???

    I never said primo never criticized Christina, again this shows your fading memory due to early dementia. You cannot get mad at him for his opinions of a singer or other people, when you voice your's just as loud and if not probably louder, and equally rude if not Much more.

    The difference is I think primmo is funny, you are just sad and bitter.

  124. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 07:39

    And you know my personality how?

    Baseless assumption still does not make you smart...

    When I'm 50 I doubt you will see me here almost everyday arguing with people born 30 years after me...

  125. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 07:45

    Who did her call a fat tranny? You??? if it does not pertain to you then why you mad, the fact that you are makes me wonder...

    How is the term fat and trannies bad? When 75 percent of americans are fat, and trannies stand for t in the GLBT that he he is a part of?

    It's really not his fault that you don't get the humor or have none..

  126. Well yes, in a way I do entertain engaging with folks like you. But I have to say, you stop being entertaining once you start lowering your offerings to the level of a ten year old. Step it up girl!

  127. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 07:50

    Are there even straight guys here?

    I doubt a straight guy is commenting over Miley blogs... I'm just saying... Maybe a "straight guy"?

  128. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 07:58

    Because the same people who are arguing back and forth are probably just as aggressive with their opinion and comments...

  129. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 08:03

    That is what we call black Filipinos.. Negrito/a

    And the state they live in is called negros provincial.

  130. Your are free to have an opinion, but tou must express it in a polite way.

  131. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 08:28


    We also want world peace.

  132. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 08:31

    Right because we see lots of 50 year olds, arguing with the youth on this diva devotee...

    Speaking of stepping up???

  133. There's actually an explanation of why we eat for reducing stress. When you eat, the parasympathetic system activates because the body thinks that if you can take the time to eat, there mustn't be any danger arround. When the parasympathetic activates, the natural response is a relaxation of the whole body. This also happens when having sex.

    And I am actually one of those who does that (although my naturally fast methabolism and the huge amount of exercise I do easily counteract it). TBH, when it's not out of control, I don't see why eating or having sex to relieve stress is bad. And I don't definetly see why eating for pure pleasure is bad either.

  134. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 08:36

    Please people that smart have better things to do than be on here arguing with people she thinks are stupid and ignorant.

    A hobby would consist of more than finger movements and baseless assumption of other people.

    A bitter old woman with cats would have been respectable even for Opie.

  135. That's a little better in entertainment value than your other comment. Even though it started off as yet another ten year old's effort, it raised it's level to that of about a 13/14 year old.

    First off all, Leith is clearly a male.

    Second off, that sentence again please. You claimed falsely that I had criticized Christina and her fans. I said I had not but the guy you are defending IS guilty of what you accuse me off, criticizing Christina and her fans.
    That is what "rather than me" means.

    Your sense of humor is your business hon. But just so you are clear on primo's "humor" He just admitted what you think are jokes ARE in fact intended insults. Which he even, at times, thinks are "too strong".

    "bitter" yes, "sad"? Much like what is funny, that's your perception and you are entitled to it. :-)
    And you are right. Born in the Philippines. A nation which has two official languages Tagalog and English you'd expect English to be one of your two mother tongues.
    Anyway, here are the things you posted in regard to your Spanish...

    " I did not practice english since my household is primary tagalog and spanish speaking."

    And in Spanish you posted
    " I speak Spanish." " I am part Spanish, I know my heritage"

    As for your enjoyment of primo's "humor",like Miley, must have changed your taste recently because while looking for what you claimed about your Spanish I came across these bits posted by you.

    The first one I also had to use Google translate as I do not speak Spanish at all and you posted it in Spanish. But the translation was

    "Being Rude online does what you? What do you achieve? Because you can not take people praising Xtina? because they want the world hated as it does? I do not understand? The world does not work that way, and you need a reality check .."

    And in English you posted this
    "(xtina who was accuse in her early years of sounding like mariah with
    her natural lyric style) then they are slammed for bad technique, so you
    can never win. People who are negative nancies just will never be
    effin happy yet they troll their videos for the main purpose of just
    saying something negative. "

    And speaking of another person who criticized Christina

    "Macabre does not like Xtina, and its obvious he is an enemy, and always wants to be right, even when it is very bad. Music is not classically trained, if that is the case, the world would be boring, and the point I was making is that this past few days spent writing a book on this entry means negative or positive, Xtina still impact enough to do so"

    And about me

    "And you are incapable of tolerance and allowance without verbal conflicts with others and its not just on this post."

    I guess it was the "fat trannies" and such not being added which meant we didn't meet your approval and lacked "humor" to you?
    Or could it possibly be that perhaps you shouldn't throw the accusation 'hypocrite" around so easily?

  136. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 08:48

    Omg I am lost, are we in or

    You guys are funny...

  137. That's an insteresting explanation. Can I ask what's your religion? Or do you follow your own? Not saying this as something bad, I also have my own beliefs.

    I do think real love can be expressed through a sexual relationship (specially if you keep it for such a selct people as you do) but I of course don't think it's the only way to express one's love, nor is having sex enough to express love. From the big things like standing right beside the person when he/she's facing a bad momento to the little things of leaving him/her a note in the fridge wishing a nice day, that for me are ways to express love, and sex is just one of them, although I'd say it is an important one.

    I underestand your view of unicorns and I actually like it. It, however, left me wondering why, if you feel like the world is so obsessed with science, do you always insist in judging everything from a technical and rigid point of view? Not only singing, but also people.

    BTW, I know it has nothing to do with the conversation (although it actually is somewhat related) what's your sexual orientation?

  138. Oh sweets, that, as so many of your statements, makes no sense whatsoever.
    Clearly it's only purpose was to again try a slam at my age.
    Which is that 10 year old level I mean and you need to do better than.

  139. We are on the internet and let's face it, every conversation on it gets out of mother haha (terrible translation from the spanish, but I hope it is underestandable)

  140. Oh my little dumpling, it is far from baseless. If someone claims to not care if people get denigrated as long as they are not amongst those being denigrated, that is practically the definition of a self centered view.

    Did you even understand what that picture says I wonder?

    Well talk again about how you spent your time at 50, when you are 50. And then we can also discuss whether your means of entertainment are on any level "better" than mine are now. :-)

  141. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 08:58

    If I forgot you are a woman or a man, I'm sorry you have no pics for me to go by, and I'm sorry i did not think your important enough for me to remember...

    I am soooooo sorry that you are that irrelevant.

  142. LOL Talk about making baseless assumptions.

  143. Alow me to explain is bad because Primo says so. ;-)

  144. LOL More evidence of that self centered trait I concluded according to you so "baselessly".
    However...your claim that I am irrelevant is unfortunately not backed up. Seeing as you do remember plenty of other things about me it seems, as well as your choice to regularly engage in "conversation' with me.

    Sorry dear, you just made yourself look foolish once again. You can't say I didn't try to save you from that happening though. :-)

  145. Btw Love how you try to deflect from that proof you so clamored for and was now provided.

  146. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:12

    Did I say you were a bitter old woman with cats?

    Or did I say the title would have been more respectable?

  147. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:14

    I know, lol..

    We went from Miley, to feminism, to gluttony, to sex? lol

  148. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:15

    10 in their 20's is better than 10 in their 50's....

    Poor you...

  149. Referring to the whole comment darling.
    How would you know what all smart people do with their time. Or what would be a "worthy" pursuit for smart people.

  150. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:18

    Lets wait 30 years, then you can come talk to me if you don't die in your sleep, on the couch with your laptop open and signed on to diva devotee...

  151. And sometimes that happens because people try to deflect.
    iow I found and posted the things Nicolet said about her Spanish. She attempted to change the subject to my age and her assessment of how I "should" spent my time again

  152. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:20

    Because I don't see anyone smart here as you claim you think you are...

  153. Come on Opie, we're finally having a polite conversation, don't throw more wood to the fire...

  154. Yeah, and the next topic may be "is there life in other planets?". Just in case it is: I think so.

  155. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:24

    Where in those quotes does it say spanish was my first language?

    Did It say spanish was my mother language or did it say I can speak spanish??? Being able to speak 3 other languages, does not mean it is a perfected skill as my native language.

    Your evidence and post is a big FAIL. Attempt again.

  156. Nicolet Foster1 March 2014 at 09:27

    Oh i believe it...

    Since we are on the topic...

    the world is so small compared to the universe, we have not even discovered past 25 percent of our own planet yet alone the universe...

  157. Looks like we finally agree with something!! haha

  158. LOL Leith, that was actually a joke. Primo and I pretty much go back and forth between fighting and "polite" conversation all the time.

  159. "my household is primary tagalog and spanish speaking"
    That's where dear. :-)

  160. Also "I am part Spanish" and "I know my Spanish heritage"
    And altogether that reads as if Spanish, though not to all Filipinos, to you IS a mother tongue.

    If that was not what you meant to convey, you at the very least just provided an example of the problem of trying to communicate in English with you. because it is most definitely what you did convey.

  161. LOL Oh dear, once again you look foolish.
    You can dislike my comments all you want, and in spite of my supposed irrelevance to you, that "all you want" seems to be quite a lot.
    And you can have your subjective opinion on how a 50 year old "should" spent her time. But no doll, my comments are never on the level of a 10 year old.