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Monday 25 July 2011

Countdown: Top 5 Contemporary Contraltos

Note: "Alto" should read "Contralto"

The operatic contralto range usually spans from an F3 to a G5 but amazingly our lovely pop Divas can do better than that, with many of them demonstrating the ability to reach at least 4 notes below the lowest requirement.

Apart from the ability to reach an F3, contralto voices have other characteristics usually associated with them- though they are not always present- such as a smoky timbre, a lower access point to the chest register and a heavier weight to the voice. So celebrate this rare vocal type, below is a list of my 5 favourite contralto range capable Divas.

Note: Of course, in reality, comparing a pop singer to an opera singer is like comparing an apple to an orange so any opera aficionados don't bite my head off please...I need it for living.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Watch the Anita Baker Tribute Medley at the 2010 Soul Train Awards

tamia 2010 anita baker tribute
Tamia at the Soul Train
THE 2010 Soul Train awards took place on the weekend and I had to post this video of a tribute to Anita Baker sung by a group of amazingly talented divas. The full list of divas who performed in the medleyand the time they entered the stage were:
-Chrisette Michele (0.00)
Tamia (1.23)
Faith Evans (3.36)
Rachelle ferrel (5.30)
-Lalah Hathaway (7.25)
Goapele  (9.20)
-Dionne Farris