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Thursday 29 January 2015

[Quiz] Which Diva "Whistled" What?

The highest part of the voice- AKA the "whistle" register- is often thought of as nothing more than a freakish extension of a person's range. So devoid of character and individuality that it adds precious little to a vocal, bar a chance for showboating. Blasphemy, I say!!

We here at DivaDevotee are a (mostly) proud bunch of flageolet lovers (hehehe), who I'm sure think can attribute a whistle tone to a particular singer with relative ease. (Me included!) But let's find out if this is true, with the 9 question quiz below!

Simply listen to each example, check the Diva's name and submit your answer to find out if you were correct or not. It would be cool if you could tot up your score and post it, along with any other whistle-related discussion, in the comments.

So watcha waiting for. Give your ears a workout.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Watch the Anita Baker Tribute Medley at the 2010 Soul Train Awards

tamia 2010 anita baker tribute
Tamia at the Soul Train
THE 2010 Soul Train awards took place on the weekend and I had to post this video of a tribute to Anita Baker sung by a group of amazingly talented divas. The full list of divas who performed in the medleyand the time they entered the stage were:
-Chrisette Michele (0.00)
Tamia (1.23)
Faith Evans (3.36)
Rachelle ferrel (5.30)
-Lalah Hathaway (7.25)
Goapele  (9.20)
-Dionne Farris

Friday 29 October 2010

Rachelle Ferrell - "With Open Arms" Live ( 25 second belt and whistle note)

Rachelle Ferrell is an amazing singer who not only has a 5 octave range, but can access the whistle register-see 3.44- has incredible stamina- watch how at 5.14 holds a note effortlessly for 25 seconds- and has amazing technique to boot.  A true vocalist in every sense of the word!

Tuesday 17 March 2009

[Vocal Profile] Rachelle Ferrell

Vocal Type:Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range: 4.4 notes, G2- D7 (approx)
Longest Note: 17 seconds [With Open Arms]

Vocal Pluses: Rachelle Ferrell is a technical and emotive vocalist who uses the whole vocalising apparatus to create the unique sound that has come to be her trademark. In a live setting this is most physically noticeable by the Diva’s mouth contorting as she shapes the sound leaving her singing cavity [America the Beautiful].

But within, the Divas technical ability continues, with excellent breath and core control allowing her mastery over dynamics [I’m Special]; holding notes for almost superhuman amounts of time, on pitch and without strain [Open Arms Live]; Yodelling [I'm Special]; crescendo with sliding scales [Only Took A Minute]; and scatting and singing complex melisma throughout the range [Anita Baker tribute].

With a dark and masculine lower range, the Diva has a weight present here that carries through all the voice- bar the upper belt and whistle register. Even at its lowest, the voice has a solid ring to it, and a clear and rounded sound.[You Don't Know What Love Is]