Monday, 1 November 2010

X-Factor season 7 live show 4: Boys performance reviewed (30th October).

Paije Richardson: Back to Black

An incredibly boring and uninspired version of Back to black. Paije couldn’t really reach the lower notes (1.16) and goes out of tune during the belted note (1.36) and to top it off he ends terribly too.

Matt Cardle Bleeding Love

Perhaps the song was too high for his natural tessitura because his voice sounded incredibly whiny throughout the performance, while lacking its usual softness and warmth. The belted notes seemed forced and unnatural, and pitchy in parts. It was a bad week for Matt.

Wagner O Fortuna/Bat Out Of Hell

No comment. Lolz.

One Direction Total Eclipse of the Heart

Two weeks and two Bonnie Tyler songs butchered. There is one good singer in this group and the rest just sound out of tune whenever they try giving it a go. Suspiciously they all manage to sing intune during the chorus though, which makes me think there is a backing track playing during certain parts. Harder to watch than the group themselves is Simon (1.49) who is now only seeing pound signs where once there used to be teenage boys.

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