Wednesday 21 March 2012

Video Review: Madonna "Girl Gone Wild". The Queen is back!

 animated gif girl gone wild madonna crying

Is it possible for me to dislike a video featuring high-heel wearing and ultra fierce male dance troupe/singers Kazaky? I think not! So it's no small wonder I really like the accompanying video for Madonna's new single, Girl Gone Wild. [single review]

I guess its hard to be truly original when you've done it all before, and the video for Girl Gone Wild kinda reads like a smorgasbord of Madonna iconography from years past. Flashes of Justify My Love's raunchiness; underground gay dance culture brought to the fore, as done with Vouge; and steam-punkesque clothing and leather that harks to the Express Yourself video. However, it all combines to create a darn strong visual that manages to be more than its influences, ultimately standing alone as a great promo. One that may find itself a worthy addition to her iconic back catalogue of music videos.

This is the tough, leader of the pack, bringing something fresh to the masses, Madonna I wanted to see with this new MDNA era! It knocks last single Give Me All Your Lovin' and its cynical grab for relevance right outta the ball park; showing all that Madonna doesn't need anyone else but her empowered self to stay perched atop her pop throne.

I think someone is coming back for her gays.....I'm just saying...

Also, I'm really glad Madonna got to Kazaky before Gaga. Though it's clear the group is very much influenced by the good Lady, they feel a better fit for Madonna's more visceral sexuality. For anyone who isn't aware of them here, are the Ukraine groups three releases.

Sasha Fierce ain't got nothing on these bad boys. In The Middle: Possibly my favourite song of the three released. It features nonsensical lyrics, which seems to be as much a trademark as their high heels, and a stuttering production I just love.

Love: Look out for the onion heads at the end...Has to be seen to be believed

Dance And Change: Kazaky's newest single, which features a line-up change. Another banging dance record, with eye-popping visuals to match.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh Snap. I think a genius. Im betting...she deliberately knew that the reaction for her first single would be terrible...just to stir up the masses. And that when she released this...Everyone would rush at the chance to bash her only to find an actual good track/video unless of course they just straight up hate Madonna. Now we wait for the little monsters to compare and fight amongst with each other and Madonna fans. I'd better get some chips or some popcorn. This oughta be interesting.

  2. If that is the case then she is a blimin' genius! However, her first release was truly that uncharacteristically bad, in my opinion, that I can see that possibly being true!

  3. I found this video reductive of Lady Gaga's Alejandro. Haha, just kidding! Although, they are similar. 

  4. i really dont understand the hype 
    the song is boring - so generic and similar to a lot of the dance music on todays pop landscape 

    the videos okay but the choreo isn't nearly as "thrilling" as people are making it out to be 

  5. i dont think she planned for GMAYL to be a flop... i mean thats stupid why would u start ur comeback with a bad single 

    and what pisses me off the most is that im a fan of both madge and gaga and every madonna video i see - gagas name is mentioned  
    and every gaga video i see there are madonna stans bashing gaga 

    i really dont understand this fued 
    neither female is original so people should just stop comparing

  6. Its a risky maneuver. And isn't that what Madonna's career  is completely based on? Taking risks? In todays music industry publicity and views = success and what better way to gain so much than pissing off the Gaga fans and making the Madonna fans anxious? 

  7. I honestly don't see any similarities to Gaga's work in this video. It pisses me off how the slightest thing out there is immediately related to Gaga.

  8. I hate how they're compared all the time too (it's obnoxious) but there are similarities to Alejandro (which in itself has a lot of similarities to Madonna's old stuff). Most notably is the men dancing in heels. 

  9. ...but that was done by Madonna ages ago.

  10. I agree with what you're saying about Gaga and Madonna being compared/ mentioned whenever one is being spoken about. I even thought about omitting the Gaga references i made, but decided against it because that is where my mind wandered. 

  11. This is why I love Mads, even although she might release a song that is not quite up to her usual standard she always brings it out of the bag with the video.

    Firstly I am glad she has come back to claim us, Gaga is great and all that too but she is too needy of us, where as Madonna is more take me or leave me - I don't give a shit but like me and I will entertain the ass of you (If you catch what I mean lol) and really stick with ya!

    The video itself is amazing I cannot fault it, its classic queen of pop imagery/sexuality/corny looks at the camera/greatness. End of!

    Lol and DD thanks for bringing yet more randomness into my life with Kazaky! Loving it!!!

  12. Agree 100%. Gaga to me seems like the desperate Madonna. Madonna's just like "pff whatever im gonna go lick a pole and i don't care what anyone says". Gaga on the other hand is like "Im licking this pole LOVE ME Im an ARTIST!!!!!" lol.

  13. LMFAO...thanks for that I just about covered my monitor in coffee there lol too true...

  14. Okay, I didn't know!! I figured she did it before because well, everything that Gaga has done has been done before. I'm only 18 so I don't know as much about Madonna. 

  15. just being a jerk at this point but im 17 years old. >_<

  16. Please stop both of you lol You are making me feel old.....

  17. madonna didnt invent men dancing in heels 

  18. um gaga doesnt care what anyone says...
    she bled while performing at the vmas she wore a meat dress to the vmas as social commentary on dont ask dont tell she constantly does philanthropic work for the LGBT community - still controversial and sticky territory madonna is a queen but saying gaga is needy is far off 

  19. yes but the madonna and gaga stans need to cool it 
    every lady gaga video or article out there literally has some random madonna stan bashing gaga and vice versa 

  20. Wouldn't you think bleeding on stage and wearing a dress made of meat is sort of just wanting attention?... And No offense but Gaga is definitely not the only one who supports the gay community. Several Pop stars have done so. I think the only reason that Gaga is praised the most is for the fact that she is bi sexual. 

  21. But Gaga didn't either. I was just saying that saying she copied Gaga in doing so was incorrect because in her book SEX there were men in heels all up in that book. Plus the concept probably wasn't even hers it was most likely KAZAKY.

  22. Aha - you like this one eh? :O) I like it apart from the bad wig at the start. Also, the 'prayer' reminds me of 'Born this way', although yes yes, I know Madge did it first etc etc. Surprised that she is recycling herself though, isn't that quite 'reductive'? ;o)

  23. BTW peeps, absolutely no art is truly original.
    Men were wearing heels back in the Middle Ages! 

    Every piece of art is filtered through the artist's other influences and experiences. You couldn't switch it off if you tried; it's a kind of cause-and-effect going back to the dawn of man. It's really amazing when you think about it. You can read a great article on the topic of recycling ideas here:

  24. What about new artforms though? they can be original. Dubstep is the most original form of music I've heard (I dont particularly like it but its unique).

  25. That's a v interesting point Brian - thanks for that. I suppose that new technologies enable new audio possibilities. I would argue that a lot of the electronic sounds used in dubstep have been created before (going right back to the amazingness of Kraftwerk), but they have certainly been put together in a fresh way. Perhaps I'm just getting old, lol!

  26. i couldnt agree more 
    there is no such thing as original... 
    before madonna and gaga did this outrageous shock pop thing 
    this was being done in underground clubs

    all art is recycled and before skrillex and these other dubstep groups came into the forefront - it was being done underground

  27. um yes but i think all celebrities are out for attention i mean 
    if ur famous obviously u want people to know you 
    gaga is just eccentric and dont tell me madonna doesnt fish for attention - she did so many controversial thing in her day like crucifying herself on her tour - which led to the catholic church threatening to excommunicate her 
    also what about her sex book which portrayed so many risque and explicit  forms of sex like bestiality (well a simulation) and pics of her flaunting her boobs 

    dont tell me gaga is the only one after attention because madonna wanted attention too...

    and no gaga, unlike many celebs, walks the walk 
    she has done so many things for the LGBT community and LGBT youth - you would know shes a huge advocate for gay rights if u followed her 


  28. jump to LGBT advocacy and you will see why she has a big following from the gay community

  29. no madonna didnt copy gagas alejandro 
    people just need to stop comparing them its reallly really annoying 
    for both sides

  30. Just because you are famous does not mean you are begging for attention. There is a clear Difference. You can be famous for being successful and just purely working hard and loving what you do (Mariah Carey). So your saying Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Cher (who has a transgendered Son), Beyonce, Elton John etc. Do not walk the walk? You see Madonna stirs up controversy in a very different way from Gaga. Madonna takes control of her fanbase. She knows what they want. She gives all that she has, and she clearly presents herself in a way that which she couldn't care less what happens. Madonna has done all of this before as an innovation. Gaga? Always expressing her dependability on the people around her taking inspiration from everything and anything that comes her way never really innovating music but rather following an alternative of the mainstream pop scene. And exactly what has Gaga done for the LGBT community besides send the word out? She made a song about loving yourself regardless of your sexual orientation, color, place in life. Almost every pop Diva has as well. 

  31. no 
    for example beyonce talks about her gay fans but only on a few occasions 
    gaga acknowledges that a lot of gay people relate to her because shes not the typical pop star who fits the societal mold of a gorgeous singer who is perfect - shes an outsider and thats why many in the LGBT look up to her 
    she has gone to euro pride several times to protest and to perform 
    she created a video urging her fans to call up their senators to vote for the repeal of DADT - she worked closely with senator harry reid in attempt to get enough votes to repeal the policy 
    she participated in the trevor project - the it gets better program for LGBT youth 

    after the death of jamey rodemeyer, a teen from buffalo, she dedicated one of her concerts in memory of him - jamey committed suicide because her was constantly bullied in school for being gay 
    because of this gaga met with President Obama to try to find a way to change how bullying is handled in our school systems 

    GAGA has constantly rallied for marriage equality and at all of her monster ball concert dates she partnered with virgin mobile and other sponsors to raise money for homeless LGBT youth 

    and most recently she launched her Born This Way foundation which is a foundation aimed at combating bullying in schools and helping LGBT as well as other tormented youth rise above the hardships they encounter in schools. 
    there are so many other things she has done for the gay community and you can find out about all she has done if you look it up 
    gagas philanthropic work goes unnoticed by so many and people just look at her and judge and say shes a madonna wannabe 

    im not saying shes the only one but i am saying that her philanthropic and advocacy work isn't for publicity like everyone is saying and that its coming from a sincere place and that is why she has a large gay following 

    and madonna isnt creating innovative from what ive heard from her upcoming album GMAYL and this song aren't very different from any pop song created in the last five years - and artists today cannot do anything original because music and art are just recycled and reinterpreted by people 
    people talk about madonna as if she invented this sort of shock-art concept but she didn't 

    im not saying gaga is original because she isnt but madonna isn't either 

    madonna is a legend and i love her but madonna stans are so quick bash and trash talk lady gaga 

  32. Lol I never noticed how bad the wig was until reading your comment....its such a s**t wig you can notice blatantly that it is one hehe

  33. I know, right?! Worst wig ever, it even has a big black line where it meets her head. lol.

  34. I actually could see that being plausible. I don't think she necessarily meant for it to flop so to speak, however I doubt she was planning for it to do any major damage on the charts. I feel like the first single was merely to generate a buzz. It makes a lot of sense due to the people who were featured on GMAYL. She knew doing a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A would generate a nice buzz which can only help with album sales.

    As for the Gaga and Madonna comparisons, I can understand your frustrations. A person must admit though that there are several parallels throughout Lady Gaga's and Madonna's career that simply can't be ignores. Even if Madonna isn't completely "original", she's done it before Lady Gaga. There's no way around that.

  35. It's not reductive.  "MDNA" celebrates her 30th year as a performer- it's HER DNA, M's DNA, get it?  It highlights every Madonna we've come to know along the way.