Friday 6 April 2012

Video Review: Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again"

I feel bad to be mentioning such things on as religious a day as Good Friday- hopefully those who would potentially be offended will be in Church praying for my soul- but I have to ask this question: has Jennifer Lopez's booty shrunk? I remember it being huge back in the day, like disproportionally big for her body. Perhaps it hasn't changed at all and Nicki Minaj has warped by perception of what it is to have an ample derrière in the 21st century....

I should add that I'm not complaining, her shrunken posterior actually fits better with her toned physique, and besides no one can deny that J.Lo is looking hot to trot in the video for crap-tastic new single Dance Again ["review" here]. Pitbull on the other hand seems to have become more, shall we say, "aesthetically impaired" since their last video together, On The Floor. I finally get why he's  always usually wearing those glasses now: it covers at least a third of that face.

This video is simultaneously giving me flavours [Note/Disclaimer: I avoided the use of the word "copy"] of Mariah's It's Like that, Kylie's All the Lovers, Beyonce's 1+1 and J.Lo's own videos Ain't It Funny (remix) and Waiting For Tonight. It's visually quite nice too behold, but it looks as if the camera is missing some kind of filter or effect because it has a slight cheap, realness about it. Overall I like it though, its fun frisky and Jennifer Lopez's trademark dance breakdown remains present and accounted for!


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Beyonce 1+1 jlo Dance again

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  1. J-Lo's famous ass is pretty hard earned according to her trainer. If she usually works on her butt a lot to keep it large and toned then maybe a few missed gym days could be the reason as to why her butt looks smaller. I find the video interesting, and the intro definitely reminded me of It's like that. But otherwise I don't really see anything memorable about this.

  2. Eugh! There is no saving this codswallop! Too much of a rip off of too many decent videos, and you are right, Pitbull is repellent (certainly lives up to his name - just add the chewing on a wasp part) and whats with the constant rapping with the one side of his mouth?? Weird!

    Its a shame as the visual is pleasant in places, but yeh it was almost enough to make me get a cup of horlicks and bed down for the night, yawn. And as for 'that' derrière? Its a shame its not present - it seemed to be her trademark for so long...It mighta saved this crud!

  3. the song is very generic like you said 
    and the video is too but JLO looks exceptional for someone in their forties - she looks better than most 20 year olds 

    jennifer should take a break on music and focus on acting because music isnt her forte

  4. HA! She isn't any better at acting! Maybe even worse. 

  5. Damn...someone's in a bad mood, haha!

  6. Lol ok maybe a little (call it sleep deprivation)! after having a snooze and taking a refreshed look I would say pretty much the same lol I do think it has really pretty moments but there is something about 'Pitbull' I find really offensive, I don't know why but he just makes my skin crawl lol His absence from the video/song would have made it a more enjoyable experience, for me personally lol (I am not coming across any better here - gimme a spade so I can dig deeper) hehe

  7. Generic pap. It sounds like something even Nicole Scherzinger would turn down. Although yes, she looks pretty - even though she looks like she's just come out of a coal mine in some scenes. Times are hard for JLo, it seems.

  8. Lol now I feel less guilty about my initial analysis!

  9. She looked like she just came out of a coal mine??

    I literally laughed out loud. You don't even know.