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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Vocal Profile: Adam Lambert

adam lambert singing
Adam Lambert

Vocal Type: Tenor
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves and a semitone B2-B5
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Strengths: Adam Lambert has expert control over his instrument, producing notes that are well supported, and achieved via great technique. He is capable of singing complex melisma and is able to hold notes for periods of time without wavering in pitch or tone, seemingly effortlessly.  He is an expert at mixing his voice so that the breaks between the registers aren't identifiable, and the effect of this is  that it makes the voice sound almost limitless.

The lower range is dark and weighty, with a breathy quality to it in its lowest extremes. However it begins to solidify, and gain a more confident tone, quickly as it rises. 

The midrange is solid, of medium weight and rounded. It can be used with  a raspier, edgier texture- verses of Whataya Want From Me- or can be made sweeter, warmer and softer-A Loaded Smile- depending on what is called for. It leads fluently into the belting range.

The belting range is Adam Lambert's strongest suit. The voice possesses an elastic quality that allows it to  stretch high up into the fifth octave and though the tone is light- when compared to  the lower range- it's resonant, clear, bright and truly impressive. The upper fifth octave notes can be reached by mixing with the head voice, to create a strong, fuller tone or they can be sung in a rocky, piercing falsetto-Music Again 0.49- that is markedly contrasting to the breathy, sweet falsetto many males utilise.These notes can be further polished by the addition of his quick vibrato.

Adam Lambert also has a robust and piercing head voice, that, like the rest of his range, displays excellent dynamics and control.

Vocal Weaknesses: Adam Lambert's lower range lacks the resonance and ease of the rest of his range.


  1. Another negative:
    Vocal style and tone is an acquired taste for most people.

  2. I can't stand his trademark wail/falsetto/belt thing. I don't know what it's called. 

  3. I hate men who can belt higher than me!! LOL - I'm only kidding, he has an epic voice and he's one of the few men entitled to be called a 'Diva'! Why are the US contestants always so much better than the UK ones? (save for a few on The Voice)

  4. Totally loved the live version of 'Ring of Fire' he did. Easy enough to find the performance on YouTube - he basically would have been shafted with 'Country Week' otherwise, so it's great that he found a less well known arrangement of the song to perform.

  5. He has more ease than a good bit of females when it comes to the high notes LOL.

  6. So glad to see this here!! I've heard though that he can sing down to a G#2 however I find this hard to belied because as DD said, his lower range is weaker compared to the rest of his range

  7. His voice is something else!

  8. lol. I suppose it can be an acquired taste.

  9. Ew, what a waste of a vocal profile. If only you had good taste this would be a good site. I'm done with this site.


  11. Whoa! wonder if Adam could even make sense of his divaness. He says he doesn't even read music and does not really label his notes. He just hears it and can do it!

  12. I really love this dudes voice, I am more of a diva man but he is a rare exception for me. His voice is so elastic. powerful and meaninful.

    He is truly a male vocalist to be admired, there is nobody in the industry right now that can touch him!

  13. DD, who do you think are the best/worst male vocalists out there now? Anyone?

  14. Well the worst obvs goes to Justin Beaver...oops Beiber...

  15. I couldn't possibly answer that! But you could! So, who do you think?

  16. Later Hater mwah xxxxx lol

  17. One of my fav male singers is Kelly Jones.....his voice is very sexy indeed mmmm yumtastic baby lolol

  18. You could answer that better than me, haha! Well who are your favorites and not-so favorites? I know on one post you had some not so nice remarks about Bruno Mars, haha! But anyway I really really like The Weeknd's music (even though I don't really like his voice). I think my favorite male vocalist is Roy Kahn (ex-Kamelot), his voice is so epic! I don't really like male voices though. My least favorite is probably Chris Brown, his voice has this immature/lisp-y tone (if I'm using that word correctly). Part of the reason why I don't like guy voices is because they sound whine-y (if that makes sense). 

  19. Hmm, I've never heard of him. I have to check him out!

  20. Not a massive fan of the male voice generally, but Bruno Mars might have won me over with his Grammy performance. He sure can sing, but I'm just not  a fan of the music.  I've never heard of Roy Kahn. I shall check out! I'll give this some more thought....http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35sjgMsZn1r02mpio1_500.jpg

  21. beaver on the mind eh, stuey?

  22. Ewwwwww, I think I just vomited a little in my mouth there....I dont do anything that does not come with attachments thanks lol!!! haha

  23. Speaking of theatrical queens...

  24. Stevie Wonder. Always.

  25. My sister is crazy about Bruno Mars. Here's a good Kamelot song if you're interested in checking out his voice (I high recommend it). 

  26. I hate to be a double standard kind of guy but I prefer male voices that still maintain a very masculine tone even when they hit high notes. It just sounds awkward to me because Im expecting it when listening to a female but when a males head voice is so frikkin high it catches me off guard. Also one thing I don't particularly like about Adam is his need to embellish his performances with high notes. Not that that is a bad thing but not all songs are meant to jump between five octaves. Christina has her melismas. Adam has his never ending pitch jumps.

  27. Thanks for this. Nice summation of Adam's voice. It's so interesting how he gets stronger the higher he goes/weaker the lower when with most people it's the exact opposite. 

  28. He sounds like he has great technique and control! Very measured vocalist, if that clip is to be believed. Does he really let loose on any songs?

  29. http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0wumsLTRY1rrii6co1_250.gif

    [Ignore the Canadian flag...lol]

  30. A talented singer but it's hard to like his singing when he oversings a lot. Why he tries to bombard every song with a billion high notes and he goes octave to octave without discipline. He's like a male christina but with actually good technique.

  31. Worst - chris brown, justin bieber and all those Michael Jackson wanna-be kids. Usher is really good even when he focuses on dancing. D'Angelo is really good too.

  32. Excellent. I agree with almost everything you said and you summarized it so nicely. In fact I made the third video you posted, thanks for using it too hah!

  33. Fascinating analysis. Elastic is the perfect word, Adam can do so much with that crazy voice of his, plus I love his tendency to genre bend and mix. I think my favorite performances of his from Idol were Ring of Fire with that effortless seeming crazy siren wail, and a remarkably affecting Change Is Gonna Come finale week, where he took it to church. Two wildly different performance styles.

    I saw him in concert for his own tour, and I think he's really matured as a performer. On the TV show, he basically crammed as much drama into the 90 seconds allotted as possible in order to seize peoples attention. But in real life now he seems to have a much better sense of building a song arc, only "releasing the krakan" of his crazy wailing when it makes musical sense.

    I really like the whole new flavor of the previews for his album, much funkier/dancier but with some gorgeous vocal spotlighting in the midtempos/ballads that live in the darker section of the record toward the end.


  34. My favorite Idol performance of his was Born to Be Wild and another one that I can't remember the name of (it was a slow song and he had an Elvis-like hair style and he performed it twice). 

  35. Yeah, I agree with Chris Brown but Justin Bieber is just too obvious. 

  36. I'm trying not to know any more of those shitty "singers" but those are really famous, God knows why. That's why I listed them :P

  37.  I couldn't have said it better.

  38. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 02:56

    You took the words out of my mouth! Next! His voice sucks.

  39. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 03:41

    Sorry some homophobes felt it necessary to post here - does them no credit. 
    To continue - Lambert has the finest voice in the music biz today - his range, versatility, and beauty of tone have no equals.  As Roger Taylor and Brian May said, whether you like him or hate him, his voice is extraordinary.  And for those here who denigrate his voice as being that of a screamer, I would appreciate their waiting until his album drops on May 15, or, in the meantime, checking out his Idol recording of Tracks of My Tears, Mad World, If I Had You, One, or his exquisite rendition - pre-Idol - of Come to Me, Bend to Me from Brigadoon.  Too many here ready to condemn without knowing what this man is capable of.

  40. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 03:55

     Did anyone say anything homophobic on here? To assume someone is a homophobe just because they think his voice sucks is pure ignorance. I'm a gay male and I think his voice sucks and it has nothing to do with his sexuality. I could care less. He's terrible and all his music is and will be terrible.

    1. What on earth does your sexuality have to do with your opinion? Believe it not, LGBTQ are just as Limey as straight people to
      Be wrong.

  41. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 04:26


  42. If someone doesn't like Adam Lambert that doesn't mean they are a homophobe. I hated his voice and singing before I found out he was gay. Totally irrelevant. It's funny how people take other people not liking their favorite artist so personally. 

  43. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 04:49

     Exactly! Let's move on to someone who has some real authentic soul in their voice, not just someone screaming high notes so the masses think their talented.

  44. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 05:03

    Your post just shows your ignorance of both his voice and his performances.  That "screaming" meme is just so old.  Check his new album and the performance on Kimmel that he just did before you comment.  (Roger Taylor and Brian May said his voice is extraordinary - think they know better than you.)

  45. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 05:30

     Omg now you're looking for justification through other people for liking what "you like". Move on, there are better. REAL artists.

  46. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 06:15

    Oh - and you never quote someone with superior knowledge on a subject.  Whatta crock.  Repeat - I'll take their opinion over someone who obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

  47.  Correction...You are a self-loathing gay male, which is why you REALLY "hate" Lambert. You have plenty of company out there.And just because Adam's voice isn't YOUR cup of tea....please don't insult the rest of us (and show your own ignorance) by stating "his voice sucks". No one believes that YOU even think that. regardless of how much you don't like HIM. Go fix your head.

  48. RedRoseQueen1 You can't go calling people "homophobes" for not liking Adams voice. Please refrain from attacking people who have different opinions from yourself.  Please keep it sweet. 

  49. RedRoseQueen1 lovetheusa1776 You can't go calling people "homophobes" for not liking Adams voice. That is a very serious accusation, and should never be used flippantly.  
    Please refrain from attacking people who have different opinions from yourself. Please try keep it sweet. 

  50. Can't wait to hear his new album!

  51. Oh, you are welcome! Thanks for making it!

  52. He was classically trained for 3 years, I think. I'm not quite sure what you mean by let loose. I mean, I think he puts a lot of power and emotion in his songs every one of his songs! Here are some other good ones, if you're interested. 

  53. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 18:25

    I'm entitled to my opinion. It's disturbing how personal you take it. Are you Adam Lambert? No, so get over it. I genuinely think his voice and technique is horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE. You can't accept that, you are the self-loathing one.

  54. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 18:27

    I never need other people to justify why I like someone. That is so pathetic.

  55. I love how you're finally adding guy voices! Excellent description. Fits him perfectly.

  56. I did love Born To Be Wild! lol with Adam gleefully singing every possible note he could cram into a run, you could tell he was having so much fun and it was just electric to watch. 

    I wonder if you're thinking of Mad World for the other one? I must admit that Adam singing it everywhere on his post Idol promo tour and then on the Idol tour kinda took some of the specialness away, but YES that initial vulnerable performance of it with that ethereal blue lighting did legit blow me away, that moment where he uses his register break to shake his voice on the word "nervous" was heartbreaking to me. Hah I admit I was obsessed with it at the time, ngl I think 3 years later that song still has one of the highest playcounts in my itunes.

  57. Of course people can totally dislike Adam's voice, dislike Adam's image, hell dislike Adam himself for reason's that have nothing to do with him being gay. His style isn't for everyone, he's said that himself. Opinions of his voice are often polarized, some people simply prefer a different sound. 

    Defensive fans running around the internet screaming J'ACCUSE of homophobia anytime someone doesn't love him are actually hurting Adam much more than they're helping him. I wish they would realize how unhinged they sound and stop.That said, the "all he does is scream" meme that I guess stems from being annoyed with some of his over the top performances on Idol where he was doing his very best to manage to be legit memorable in 90 seconds makes me sideeye peeps a little. Even on Idol, there were performances where there wasn't a scream in sight, like Tracks of My Tears and Mad World. And since then there are literally hundreds and hundreds of youtubes of live performances of songs where Adam keeps it soft and vulnerable or light and fun with no wailing his head off at all, it's not factually true. Of course there are also plenty where he does wail it out I'm happy to say, because I'm one of the fans who loves it when he really lets loose with what his crazy voice can do.But I'd rather assume that peeps that are all all "ugh screaming" just haven't bothered to check out his post-Idol material rather than blame homophobia lol. I mean why would they check it out? They don't like him. No big. Not the end of the world. More music for me!

  58. This voice, omg undeniable talent !!! One in a million !!!!!!! :))

  59. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 20:20

     I appreciate this comment. I did check it out and I didn't like it. To me everything about him including his singing is CONTRIVED.

  60. I like when people at least listen to his more recent stuff before making a judgement. That's cool if you don't care for it, to each his own. Peace.

  61. I finally figured it out! It was Tracks of My Tears! I'm not a fan but that was a great performance. 

  62. Amazing comment; you're so right. 

  63. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 20:46

     I call a spade a spade, if the screaming thing is old, that's too bad.

  64. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 20:46


  65. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 20:48


  66. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 21:43

    Your over-kill in commenting says it all - you're not rational.

  67. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 21:43

    Yeah - right about you.

  68. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 22:31

     There's nothing irrational or over-kill about believing what I believe in and expressing it. Adam Lambert is a CONTRIVED artist.

  69. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 22:32

     MMMMM no

  70. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 23:10

    Once again, you're ignorant of his work.  And, yes, the hysterical way you've expressed yourself indicates irrationality.

  71. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 23:17

    lol - yes.   If you don't like him, why are you here?  Not to comment honestly, but to spew nasty, small-souled, little posts apparently.  It's obvious when someone is legit in comments and are not there with an agenda.

  72. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 23:27

     How are you gonna tell me I'm ignorant of his work? You have no idea what I've heard and I HAVE heard his stuff old and new and I think he's CONTRIVED and OVERRATED.

  73. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 23:29

    I'm here to give my honest thoughts and opinions and you clearly can't handle them and that's your problem. Everything I'm saying is honest to the heart.

  74. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 23:32

    You are the irrational one, being extremely defensive just because someone doesn't like what you like or agree with you.

  75. lovetheusa177629 April 2012 23:43

    Perhaps if you didn't scream in all caps HORRIBLE, you would be taken seriously.
    I don't expect you to like his music - he said he's not for everyone - but it's the nastiness that's offputting.

    Peace to you, too.

  76. Jason Nicoson29 April 2012 23:53

     You are delusional. Even the moderator defended me against you because you ignorant called people who don't like adam lambert on here homophobes. YOU are the one not being taken seriously. Buh-byeeeeee.

  77. lovetheusa177630 April 2012 00:32

    Bye?  One can only hope.

  78. The Divadevotee should check out Adam's YT Brigadoon. He hold notes for 20-21 second in this song


  79. Actually it's not falsetto, that's his headvoice. Adam very very rarely using his falsetto. LOL

  80. LOL.. I don't know what's your music credential is, but I think I will listen to Brian & Roger, professional people in the business that have work with Adam, the peeps on DDD forum and the divadevotee. I'm also glad that more and more people around the world know not only about his amazing vocal but also his excellent vocal technique.

  81. Jason - I rarely comment on these blogs but feel compelled to just say that, fortunately, you are in a small minority re: Adam.  Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but your insistence on 'making your point' is tiresome. Most of the professionals in the business, DJs, those who know talent and amazing voice far outweigh you -- thankfully. Who DO you like anyway - forget that question.  I don't care.

  82. Jason Nicoson30 April 2012 11:46

     Another moron who needs reassurance that what they like is good. You're tiresome and obviously you do care. He's a CONTRIVED OVERRATED ARTIST and you make no sense, what does minority have to do with anything. If I was in the majority you'd be scared to say something? Wow,  no wonder you like Adam Lambert. You are the demographic, someone who needs others to help carry their voice.

  83. Jason Nicoson30 April 2012 11:50

     The BIG question is why in the world would you NEED to get justification for liking something you supposedly like??? If you like it, you like it.

  84. Jason Nicoson30 April 2012 11:55

    Awww =)

  85. Okay, Jason, I think that's enough. You've made your opinion quite clear, and repeating it  over again, and using words like "moron" is not helping to keep this civil, and on topic. Thanks

  86. thanks. I'll add a "longest note" section in the profile.

  87. That's why I said I didn't know what it was called but thanks for clarifying that. 

  88. lovetheusa177630 April 2012 16:27

    Knew you couldn't stay away - lol

  89. Patrick Castillo199430 April 2012 16:34

    this is extremely accurate! for once i am satisfied with a male vocal profile;)

  90. lovetheusa17761 May 2012 00:36


  91. such a great talent, but really don't see anything exciting about him.

  92.  I am liking Darrell Scot, Amos lee, John Paul White a lot. Dan Tyminski, Ray Lamontagne are excellent as well.
    I dislike "whiny" singers but that is more an like thing than a fair assessment of their actual singing ability.

  93. Ugh, I fucken hate whiny singers too. I think that's one of the reasons why I don't care for male voices in general; when they emote they get whiny. The Weeknd is a perfect example. 

    By the way, I've never heard of any of the singers you mentioned so I'll have to check them out!

  94.  LOL Exactly why I prefer female voices as well. The worst offender imo is Michael Stipe.And he combines it with depressing lyrics to boot!
    I'd give you some links to check out those singers I mentioned but I think that means this reply would be delayed for approval by DD?
    But just go to youtube and search those names. Top vids of most of them are excellent demos. Though for Amos Lee a great one is typing in TS5 Windows Are Rolled Down

  95. This is so fun to read and I agree with you. I happened to really love Adam's high notes. Somehow, it's liberating for me to hear a male voice that stands neck to neck with female divas. I'm sure there are others who can hit those notes, but what I really am impressed with Adam is control, agility and elasticity in his voice. A well trained machine. My favorite part of his voice is his mid-tone. It's his singing voice and it warms my ear every time. He has slight nasally twang there along with silky smooth roundness. If I have to describe that part of his voice to a food — creamy milk chocolate. Rich and smooth. But, sometimes he puts a gritty salt onto it and gives me chicken mole. Yummy!

  96. I don't get what you mean....don't really see anything exciting about him?  Have you seen him live?

  97.  What a jerk.  Tell me who you like....probably an overrated country or pop singer.  Even haters will admit he can sing.  Take your homphobia to another website.  Even idiots will admit he can sing.

  98. You are so spot on Melissa.  I'm so tired of everyone talking about his screaming.  So out of touch with what is really going on.  More of him for us I guess.  I'm just saying that you don't have to like his music or listen to it, but to call him names like Moron is just bullying in my opinion.

    I detest country music and believe I can sing better than many of the artists.  But I don't bad mouth them.  They have a purpose. 

  99. You have no idea what you're talking about.   A couple notes in a high register is not a scream.  You would be lying to say you've ever even listened to a thing he's done.  Please disappear and go back to the country website you may have come from.

  100. Just because someone's not a fan of Adam does mean they are homophobic. Like I posted somewhere else, I didn't like Adam's voice before I found out he was gay. 

  101.  Not for nothing but that is quiet a bold statement to make, Country music is actually very varied ( from Chart modern Country to alt Country to classic Country to Bluegrass) and in most the abilities of the singers are outstanding. I dare you to demonstrate you sing better than Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Shelby Lynne, Patty Loveless, Sarah Jarosz, Brandi Carlile, EmmyLou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Brad Paisley, Clint Black, Ralph Stanley ( even at 80 ), Dwight Yoakam, Kathy Mattea, Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, the Civil Wars, Chris Stapleton, Suzanne Cox, Red Molly etc etc etc

    I'm sorry but that is the second time I see you use Country music in a "derogatory way" and your stepping on my soul here. ;)
    I think you are really just thinking of the crap that is called modern Country and I will agree on it being terrible but even then, I'd say many of it's singers CAN actually sing.

  102.  How about this for "country"? Come on now, can't this induce you to be a bit more positive about "country music"? ;D


  103. Regina Wood8 May 2012 15:03

    Thank you for this profile, Adam is a remarkable singer. It's so pleasant to listen to him sing, it seems so effortless when he's doing it!
    His new album is released next week, some websites are streaming the album this week. Here's one: http://www.actuamusic.fr/Adam-Lambert-Ecouter-en-integralite-Trespassing-son-nouvel-album-avant-sa-sortie-Audio_a5279.html
    It's a very solid album but when it comes to vocals, check out Runnin'. He uses his lower register there too and it's very variable in vocals!

  104. Diva! Mathew Bellamy must be reviewed, I beg you, he has a voice worthy of being reviewed!

  105. Enzoferrarimendoza18 May 2012 14:41

    Needs to be updated

  106. Enzoferrarimendoza18 May 2012 14:43

     the lower register part at least :-bd give the new album a listen, particularly Running for the lower register.

  107. Enzoferrarimendoza18 May 2012 14:57

     sorry, forgot to mention that he also hit a G#2 live recently.

  108. can u do one of this on david archuleta, jesse mccartney and mark feehily?? please!!

  109. TheTomimomi45528 June 2012 21:21

    He hit G#2 live and A2 in "Runnin'". His Vocal range is G#2 - B5

  110. have you heard Runnin' from Trespassing?

  111. Adam Lambert recently performs with Queen, I would like to know their opinion on their vocal performance. Many songs were difficult.

  112. Your opinion I mean.

  113. According to my itunes 95 times I've heard it (not to mention however many times I listened to the bootleg I DLed before I bought the album on itunes and deleted the bootleg) lol yeah his lower register is definitely more than stable and capable (and hot *ahem*) but he really gets his strength imho when he goes up high.

  114. Ahh Yuri, we shall have to pull you into the wonderful world of Adam lol to be honest I didn't think I would enjoy his new album as much as I do, his voice is on the money and the songs are on the money...One of my fav new albums!

  115. Fantastic song, one of my favourites from a pretty great album!

  116. He is kind of smart, since his head voice is limited he worked hard to make his transition between the head voice and falsetto unspottable, which, like DD said, makes his voice sound almost limitless. Though he is TOO stuck to his falsetto, which can damage the vocal cords on a long term. Personaly as an Haute Contre singer, I prefer using more my head voice to hit high notes, I worked hard to get the vocal range I have, so a hit 5th octave often with the head voice, leaving the 6th octave to the falsetto.

    Oh and, don't u think he could be a sopranist?

  117. I know it's a little late lmao. but show me more of him please

  118. If only his producers were a touch better. He deserves a touch more recognition, Ithink.

  119. Ahh dude! Here are some of his best vids (and songs)








    Let me know what you think...sorry late response back too :p

  120. Another plus--he's basically the male counterpart to Jessie J. Where she imitates the voices of all the damn people she writes for, he imitates all the people who write for him--That guy from Muse, Pink, even a little Gaga.

    But dear god, he needs better producers. I'm hoping he'll eventually go a more rock-heavy route. I love pop, but it isn't giving him enough love.

  121. I know it's a little late lmao. but show me more of him please

  122. Has sung down to a weak E2 recently.

  123. Well I think Justin B is not bad. Ok his artistic taste is questionable when he plagues his recordings of laborious unnecessary Melisma but he is talented.

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  127. I just don't like his voice very much

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  141. Someone was trying to tell me that he hit a note in the eight octave in one of his AI performances. This is nonsense right?

  142. Absolutely. He has sung up to Bb5 so far (not the B5 that is stated here), which is impressive given that he's using a mixed chest dominant voice to do so instead of pure head voice you'd expect at that point from a man, but to go to the eighth octave would require whistle tone FAR beyond his shown ability.

  143. Adam Lambert is a great belter obviously. I really don't know much about vocal pedagogy but the person was trying to tell me that Adam hit an A sharp in one of his AI performances which I couldn't find anywhere.

    We were arguing whether Adam Lopez (world record holder for highest note) or Adam Lambert could sing higher. Which Lopezs highest note is a C#8 so it would be higher than him anyway even if it was true.

    I read on wikipedia that opera singers say he has a seven octave range. This hasn't been demonstrated. Thank you for your response.

  144. Actually Adam Lopez's highest note is a Eb8 if you look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQBXSsygLhA

  145. I was talking about his world record note. I think i've heard this before. Thank you for the clarification though.

  146. His vocal range is G#2 - Bb5 though. Just sayin.

  147. He did hit E2 but I don't know if that counts.

  148. He's been confirmed to appear in the next season of Glee, although it's still unkown what his character is gonna be like. Can't wait to see it! ^^

  149. His vocal coach said he could sing the full range of a guitar. His voice is considered amazing. To do Queen songs, the vocalist has to be able to reach at least four octaves. Why do you think they pursued him? He is one of the most gifted singers of our time. You might not like his choices in music but that doesn't mean he isn't outstanding.

    "Critics, celebrities and colleagues have been outspoken in their praise for Lambert’s vocal command. In a 2009 Associated Press interview, Wicked casting director Bernard Telsey, recalled Lambert's audition and his "amazing" voice: "I literally remember saying, 'Oh my God, this guy has the highest range’.” Record producer Rob Cavallo once described Lambert as having an unlimited range, and able to sing every note on a guitar from the lowest to the highest. David Stroud, a Los Angeles based vocal teacher, coached Lambert for his 2010 international Glam Nation Tour, in which he performed 113
    shows without vocal rest. Stroud described Lambert as being able to "do extreme things with his voice that most singers will probably never be able to do . . . I will vocalize him to G above high C. He has climax notes at E's above high C, so I need to give him that extra range."

  150. No the professionals state he has an almost unlimited range. What you hear on a recording or in a show doesn't necessarily have anything to do with his actual range.

  151. Hate to tell you but yes, and his range is probably larger than hers.

  152. He sometimes does a lot of shows without resting his voice.

  153. No it isn't, not even close. Adam doesn't even have 4 Octaves. How can he possibly have a larger range than Mariah Carey? I think you mean his Modal Range is greater? Arguably, to be honest.

  154. Supposedly he's supposed to be Kurt's rival...I don't typically watch the show much, but I might drop in to see him or Demi, I just hope they don't overproduce their vocals...Glee has this overproduced feel, even though a good portion of the cast can actually sing...

  155. No. Does he have a whistle register? No, Does he have an octave lower than her? No. You obviously don't know squat.

  156. well wouldnt that make him a counter tenor then?

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