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Tuesday 30 April 2013

[Listen] Emeli Sande Gives Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" A 1920's Makeover For Gatsby Soundtrack

Beyonce didn't even try to capture the 1920's spirit of The Great Gatsby with her cover of Amy Winehouse's Back To Black. But thankfully Emeli Sande and the Bryan Ferry Orchestra were a little more sensitive when reworking Bey's own Crazy In Love. (Check out executive producer of the soundtrack, Jay-Z, making sure his wife (and himself) get another paycheck from writing credits off of the album! Nepotism at its finest!) 

Now I know a lot of you guys aren't exactly enamoured with Emeli- well, if the comments on her vocal profile are to be believed- but I have to give her, and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, props for at least trying to deliver an authentic 20's sound. With it's muted trumpets and jaunty rhythm, the song practically paints a picture of bob-haired flappers getting down in trendy, smoke-filled jazz bars.

Take a listen to the song, lifted, of course, from The Great Gatsby soundtrack, below.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

[Review] Leona Lewis : "Trouble"

Leona Lewis has released a new song from her upcoming third LP, Glassheart. And people, you can all relax, because the dance direction last single Collide was showcasing is nowhere to be found. Instead, new song Trouble is a dramatic, and building mid-tempo song that puts Leona Lewis firmly back in safer (musical) territory, though with an edgier attitude courtesy of the lyrics.

Fellow British Diva Emeli Sande was responsible for penning Trouble, and her influence can be heard strongly throughout the song. Not just lyrically, but musically: with the composition and structuring of the song seeming to mirror Sande's own breakthrough hit Heaven quite heavily. It's a choice that really only fails on Trouble's chorus; which contains too many distracting pauses in the vocal melody for this listeners taste.

Monday 9 July 2012

Divas take over "T in The Park" [Watch]

BBC's T in The Park 2012 took place this weekend in Balado, Kinross-Shire, and was choke-full of Divas. So instead of posting separately on each of them, I thought I'd just spam you with all of them in one go, and just pray none of you become too overwhelmed with the glut of aural and visual stimulation.

Honesty time, I haven't had a chance to watch these all myself. I had a busy weekend, which included seeing Katy B at Somerset House yesterday (was amazing!). So I thought I'd post them for you guys now, because by the time I manage to watch and evaluate them it would most likely be time for T In The Park 2013.

Let me know if there was anyone in particular you enjoyed in the comments!