Wednesday, 10 October 2012

[New Music Video] Pink "Try"

#Confessiontime.Though Pink's last single Blow Me (One Last Kiss) did end up growing on me, I was relieved when I (eventually) listened to its accompanying album and realised it was probably the weakest song from The Truth About Love.

Second single,Try is a better indication of the sound of the project as a whole. Tamed is the singer's prickly punk sensibilities and in place of that is a grown-up, 80s inspired, indie-rock sound that wouldn't sound amiss on a Killers Cd.

Check out the accompanying video to the beautiful Try, below, and watch Pink's athletic physic get put through its paces with the equally beautiful, but edgy, modern interpretive dance choreography.
Pink continues to amaze, over a decade into her career.

Boy oh boy do I feel fat....


  1. Did this video make anyone else's ovaries explode?

  2. Classic video and one of my favourite Bush songs...its impossible to get bored of this song.

    About this article, fantastic song and my favourite from The Truth About Love for sure, and I do love the video to bits...

  3. Classic indeed and I think P!nk just helped add to that status with that nod. Love both vids .
    Been listening to the P!nk album and I quite like it...for pop but have to say between this one and the other pop album I listened to...I like Dave Stewart's The Ringmaster General better

  4. I love this video too - I love that it's quite shocking in places. Pink is amazing live and I might well go see her yet again next year.

  5. I love that video- and pretty much everything Kate does- but I can't say that the P!nk video made me think of that at all. There are definitely visual similarities, but the content, style of dancing, and narrative is so different that, to me, it makes them virtually different beasts.

    It would be interesting to know if if "Running Up that Hill" was the inspiration for the "Try" video.

  6. I'm seeing her at the end of October!! WHOOPIE!

  7. yes, I'd really like to know as well. And yes, I meant the similarity in a video of a man and woman just doing an interpretive dance to the song.Not in any other way.
    Like I said, it seems like a nod to Kate's video. Not an imitation or even a derivative