Thursday, 14 March 2013

[Music Video] Taylor Swift Goes All Hipster In The Video For "22"

As much as I love Taylor Swift's album Red, new single 22, which has just been given the video treatment, isn't my cup of tea at all. The video makes it crystal clear it's not aimed at me and my crusty old male self anyway, so I don't feel so bad about us not being besties. (If you want to know the affect all this exposure to pep and youthful exuberance had on me, just check out this video; it's a pretty spot on representation of  my reaction).

The whole thing does make me wonder why Tay keeps releasing songs that encourage the public perception that all she does is bang on about old flames in her music- something which I know not to be true. But I suppose if it's what's selling for her, who cares what the public is saying or thinking; their opinion isn't what's responsible for all that currency bloating her bank account.

Still, there are going to be people out there who will enjoy this, and I thought I'd post it for you guys and gals to get your T-Swizzle kicks for the day! Enjoy.

taylor swift cat ears gif

And A Live Version @ Comic Relief.



  1. A video not worth watching for a song not worth listening to. Surprise of surprises.

  2. Reminds me of Beverly Hills 90210.
    Vapid teeengirls.......played by near thirty year olds.

    Not aimed at crusty old lesbians either. ;-)

  3. I don't know why people keep saying she's a good writer and I wonder how long this teenager fase it's gonna last...

  4. *Yawns*
    I've been bored of her letsay... Since We Are Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Ever Getting Back Together.

  5. She is so wannabe hipster. **Pushes up Wayfarers and goes on to eat organic kale crisps**

  6. Eugh, what a waste of my energy and time! I really dislike having to be so harsh but she is either deluded or bloody stupid, probably both.

    This song is not only not single worthy but the video is.... so transparent, so predictable, so yawn... There was a point I was starting to quite take to her but her bed hopping, awful live performances and general fame whoring have really killed it for Henrique would say....NEXT!!!

  7. In my opinion I think this was the "Dirrty" of Red. I liked seeing a "loose" Taylor Swift booty pop, even though there was no booty to begin with...

  8. Well that performance certainly was comic relief, and wow this song is horrible.

  9. Seriously, she only writes about one thing and her songs sound exactly the same. It's like an endless loop that never seems to evolve. Her artistry is very lacking at this point.

  10. The only time I've seen her really do something different with her songwriting was with "Back December", which I oddly liked. It was odd to hear Taylor apologizing to a guy for messing up the relationship.

  11. I guess nowadays teenagers are all crying all over their silly puppy love, silly relationships ending. Boohoo.

  12. Yeah, you're right!! I don't know if she has talent to go through years.

  13. At least she has artistic integrity, and writes her own songs.

  14. There IS that. She also doesn't use autotune and works on improving her vocal ability.:-)

  15. I don't care much about artists writing their own songs if these songs are going to be about one and only one subject... By the way, there is no such thing as artistic integrity, that's nonsense. Writing your own songs does not make one a better artist at all, specially if you are going to be monothematic. Real artistry is about challenging yourself and try to learn new things everyday: new sounds, new textures for your voice, new arragements for your compositions, different tempos and genres...

  16. I don't care if an artist writes songs. What I care about is whether an artist actually writes the songs they claim to have written.

    And yes, yes there is artistic integrity. The fact that you seem to think otherwise explains every stupid comment you have ever made.

    And who are you to define real artistry? And what does 'real' artistry have to do with my statement whatsoever?

    You have obviously failed to comprehend my statement in any way. Why don't you head on back to preschool, contemplating that fact as you go?

  17. Too true! There's for instance also a lot of artistry in developing one theme ever deeper. ( not that I in any am suggesting that is the case with Swift).

    Also some folks are just either too lazy or too convinced of themselves to bother ever using a dictionary.

    And most certainly there IS such a thing a ''artistic integrity''.
    For those not bothering with research and/or lacking those qualities...
    ''Integrity is concept of actions, values, method, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and thruthfulness, accuracy of one's actions''

  18. She has artistic integrity. What bothers me the most are her lyrics, I end up always forgetting she is 22. You can talk about love in lyrics, Adele's lyrics are mostly about love and relationship, but there are ways and ways you can aproach music.

  19. Oh you are preaching to the choir there. See my other comments on Taylor.
    I am most definitely not a Swift fan in any way. But I do believe in credit where credit's due and agree with Reiko that credit is definitely earned by Swift for not only those writing credits not being fake but also her not trying to fake her vocals. And even clearly realizing they are somewhat lacking and then opting for putting in the work rather than that easy solution of faking.

  20. Wow, that last line. Ouch. I don't understand where that came from. If your statements were so right, you wouldn't need to resort on low attacks. Whether right or wrong, I was just speaking my mind. I didn't say anything about you in my previous comment, but you seem to have some sort of resentment towards me.

    Anyway, I stand by what I said before. I don't think artistry integrity really exists, only laws. If you infrige copyright, eventually you will be sued. If there is no such lawsuit, then there is no copyright infringement... only gossips. I don't believe you are someone that gives credits to gossips, unless it turns out to be convenient for you. Maybe by giving these gossips a value of true, you find your means to go on with your quest to shade somebody that you dislike/hate at every given opportunity.

  21. Yes, people tend to resent those that label them as the 'epitome of evil'. And, by the way, the amount of venom in statements does NOT correlate to the amount of truths they contain.

    I see there's no talking sense into you. Well, what a surprise. You can go on denying the existence of integrity for all I care. That is ultimately your prerogative,

    I assume you are talking about Beyonce specifically, correct me if I'm wrong. Beyonce actually has several lawsuits served to her.

    Also, you obviously lack insight into my character.

  22. Wow..and I thought I was a cynic. There IS no copyright infringment as long as there hasn't been a sccesfull lawsuit???

  23. *shakes head in disbelieve* Indeed! No point in even trying to explain ethics to someone declaring such a disbelief in them. Hilarious how he never the less felt he could call us ''axis of evil''...I mean what? We haven't even been succesfully sued as such!!! Hahahaha.

  24. Hey Opie... does it go against your morals to assist a girl struggling with school work? :D

  25. Not sure lack of understanding of ethics falls under the header ''stupidity'' but it sure does fall under the header ''uselesss to discus"

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