Thursday, 20 February 2014

Katy Perry Turns Neon Cleopatra For 2014 Brit Performance

katy perry brit awards 2014

Katy Perry has been all up in that dress up box (again) for her 2014 Brit Award showing of Dark Horse.

Whereas her Grammy performance (of the same song) saw her turning to the occult for inspiration, this time the Diva went old school, and I mean REALLY old school, with an Egyptian style ensemble. If you thought the current site layout was bright and brash, just check out the neon/ luminescent colours Katy teamed the theme with to bring the production into the 21st century.

I'm not even going to speak on the vocals, as it's pretty much standard Katy Perry realness, but she did once again deliver on the visuals! I suppose we can't have it all...



  1. She stuck too much to the script for this song...I'm all about having a studio-quality voice live, but Beyonce didn't do much. I'll give her grace since she starting her tour soon, but I was expecting something soon.

    This is the type of Beyonce performance needed; but like I said, I'll give her grace. This doesn't make me think any less of her :D

  2. doesn't she have 10 concerts in europe? that's probably the reason for the restrained use of her voice

  3. I really enjoyed this performance of hers. It just shows to you that sometimes less is more (Which I'm still trying to do). Although I love the high belts, other-worldly runs of hers, and just that good ole voice, I enjoyed seeing and hearing Beyonce take a different route. The voice was indeed quite under-par but you have to consider the fact that Beyonce sings LIVE and does global tours almost every other year and she's been in the business for over 14 years. In conclusion, I would give this performance an "A."

  4. I feel the same way, I've always thought her voice itself was quite boring. Someone on my Facebook said it before, they said sing the song you've actually lived, that's the one your audience will actually believe. Not saying this song is soulful, but I feel like when she tries to sing soulful songs they come off as quite dull because I don't think she's necessarily lived a dark life where she had to experience dark emotion, etc. I feel like whenever she's not doing all the vocal acrobats, if you strip that away, her voice/tone is quite bland. It's not really intriguing, enticing, or entrancing, it's just there. She's a great vocalist, but besides when she sings like dance songs, or something about being crazy in love ("Love on Top" for example), she comes off as quite dull to me. I think she connect with those topics about being crazily in love, and dancing, because she seems to love those things and experiences that a lot, but everything else, meh. In my personal and honest opinion, she seems to be more of the vocalist that's impressive than expressive. I feel like she worries so much about giving the 'perfect' vocal that she never connects w/ the audience through her vocals. Maybe that's just me though.

  5. And once again you don't understand my words.
    The emptiness I mean has nothing to do with how much she rehearsed or not.

    And I find her a very boring live performer tbh. Far from "the best". I'll take Anouk, Pink, Melissa Etheridge any day and any time over Beyonce. And that's just 3 of the many.
    "Dance her butt off" I don't think so. As I have stated many times before, I am thoroughly unimpressed with the hip and arm moves and 4 or 5 poses her fans confuse for dancing.
    If I wanted to see dancing, I'd go watch dancers. Not singers.

    And finally, what exactly in my comments has ever made you think I hold today's mainstream divas as any kind of measuring stick other than for the poor taste of the majority of teens and twens?
    Do you seriously still think I would think higher of Beyonce because other mainstream divas today are lesser singers than she is?