Thursday 25 February 2016

[Watch] Jess Glynne Brings a Medley of Hits to 2016 BRIT Awards

We've not really discussed husky voiced, UK singer, Jess Glynne on the website. So what better time to do so than after watching the Diva perform a medley of her material at the 2016 BRIT Awards.

Believe it or not, in the few years this Diva has been active, she already has five number-one singles (in the UK) under her belt! Weirdly in this day and age, Jess' rise to success feels more driven by an affection from the public than an orchestrated campaign by the industry. (Either that or they're getting better at selling me a product!)

Unfortunately, whereas I like her music, Jess just doesn't it do it for me as a live act. Perhaps this will change as she gains more experience.


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