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Thursday 19 March 2009

Beyonce- "Halo" live at NAACP

beyonce live crying
Beyonce gets emotional while
singing Halo live.
I previously reviewed Halo and in that review commented on Beyonce's vocal delivery not really sounding like,well, Beyonce. To further illustrate my point and show you what the "Beyonce" way of singing the song would have been like, if she had conducted the vocal arrangement, I present to you her NNACP performance.

*Interesting fact: It turns out that the song was actually meant for Leona Lewis. This makes the album's vocal arrangement make more sense*

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Review: Beyonce "Halo"

halo cover beyonce

Beyonce returns with a mid-tempo ballad from the Sasha Fierce album called Halo. Penned by the same persons who gave the world Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, it follows in a similar style with the synths, strings and  prominent beat combo.

Halo has Beyonce taking a new vocal approach with a harsher timbre and a noticeable shift in less vibrato.I would have preferred softer vocals to contrast the harsh synths and drums but overall it's still a great song which I prefer way more to Beyonces' last sappy ballad If I Were A Boy.

4/5 OVERALL: More Sasha Fierce less Beyonce please

Lowest Note in 'Halo' F#3
Highest Note in 'Halo' F#5

Listen to Beyonces' single Halo below: