Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Review: Beyonce "Halo"

halo cover beyonce

Beyonce returns with a mid-tempo ballad from the Sasha Fierce album called Halo. Penned by the same persons who gave the world Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, it follows in a similar style with the synths, strings and  prominent beat combo.

Halo has Beyonce taking a new vocal approach with a harsher timbre and a noticeable shift in less vibrato.I would have preferred softer vocals to contrast the harsh synths and drums but overall it's still a great song which I prefer way more to Beyonces' last sappy ballad If I Were A Boy.

4/5 OVERALL: More Sasha Fierce less Beyonce please

Lowest Note in 'Halo' F#3
Highest Note in 'Halo' F#5

Listen to Beyonces' single Halo below:

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  1. there's a C#3 in this song on the word "sound" at the start.