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Sunday 14 November 2010

Fiona Apple- Vocal Profile/ Range

Fiona Apple  

Vocal Type:  Contralto
Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 5 notes C3-A5
Vocal Pluses: Gorgeous low tessitura and a brilliantly expressive voice.

Friday 12 November 2010

Regine Velasquez- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 4 Octaves 1 semiton B2-B6
Vocal Pluses: Regine Velasquez is able to reach low notes with relative ease, due in part to her good technique and understanding of her voice. The bottom notes are dark and heavy, and are connected nicely to the range meaning she can utilise them in vocal runs that start higher in the range. Regine Velasquez' midrange is noticeably lighter than the lower half of the range, but is solid and stoic, with a characterful quality that makes it identifiable as belonging to her. The Belting range is bright, pure and elastic, being able to reach an impressive B5 with the aid of mixing with the head voice.The sound can be made fuller and more resonant, without mixing, but the voice becomes less palatable as it travels up the fifth octave. The head voice is sharp, bright and punchy with a weight to it.

Regine Velasquez' low, mid and head voice can all have their timbre and tone manipulated to produce a sweeter and softer sound that has a lyrical, expressive and slightly breathy quality to it- see Fallin'.

The voice is dexterous and athletic, able to sing complex vocal runs, throughout the range, as well as to hold a note, on pitch, for impressive periods of time without problem-see Regine's cover of All By Myself.

Vocal Negatives: Notes after a E5 tend to sound like shouting, especially when not mixed or placed correctly or having vibrato applied to them . Also, Regine Velasquez' vocal styling seems to be influenced too much by western Diva's meaning she has not defined a sound of her own.

A2-I can't make it out so haven't included it- Bb2, B2, C3, C#3, D3, Eb3, E3, F3:

A selection of F5s:

C6, C#6, D6, Eb6, E6, F6, G6, G#6, B6:

Amy Winehouse- Vocal Profile/ Range

Amy Winehouse 

Vocal Type:  Contralto
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves and 1 semi tone D3-Eb6
Vocal Pluses:  Unique and thus instantly recognisable voice. Naturally adept singer with a great technique and brilliantly individual phrasing. Her voice is connected well through the registers and maintains its character throughout. Also has an emotive voice that communicates the songs subject exceptionally.
Vocal Negatives: Unique style may make it harder to adapt to different genres of music.

[Vocal Profile] Katy Perry

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octave ( D3-D6)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: As a whole, the voice is characterful and youthful with a soft and sweet upper-range and a punchy, attitude infused chest voice. Katy Perry has the ability to hold notes [The One That Got Away (live)] and sing melisma [Whip My Hair (Live)], but her material doesn't often call for such vocal skills to be employed. As such, she is moat likely to attempt these feats in a live setting.

The Diva's lower range is cloudy and of mid-weight, but solidifies, brightens and lightens significantly as she ascends the third octave. Recent years have seen gains in the confidence exhibited in these lower notes, with them becoming fuller in sound.

The Diva shows the most resonance when belting in the fourth octave, loosing weight, colour and taking on an incisive quality as she moves towards and up the fifth octave. Occasionally she employs a slight rasp to these top notes- particularly when singing live- but its not usually heard in her recorded work, where the notes remain clean, clear and bright. Perry is also able to sing melisma in this part of her range [Walking on Air] but it's not something she demonstrates often.

Vocal Negatives: Criticisms have been leveled at her vocal ability when live and recorded vocals are contrasted.

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Lea Michele (Rachel from Glee) - Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type:Soprano
Vocal Range:2 Octaves 1 notes and a semitone F#3-A5
Vocal Pluses:Technical singer with a good grasp of her voice as a whole, thus the sound it produces is always supported well. Her chest voice is crystal clear and has great dynamics, with the higher belted notes being reached through the aid of mixing with the head voice. Her intonation and delivery is also brilliant meaning her voice can effectively communicate a song's emotion and sentiment without sacrificing the audibility of the lyrics.
Vocal Negatives:Her vocal styling means that the vast majority of her performances have a theatrical feel to them, suggesting a limitation to the genres she can sing. Also her chest register can sometimes sound overbearingly strong/piercing, especially when the notes aren't softened with vibrato.

[Vocal Profile] Sade


Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 3 notes D3-G#5
Vocal Pluses: A voice that is texturally united throughout the range. Warm and smooth, Sade’s strength comes from her tone and timbre [Lovers Rock]; skill emoting [Smooth Operator]; her musicality (e.g.building harmonies) [Slave Song]; and ability to alter dynamics [King of Sorrow]. This puts her in contrast to other “powerhouse” Divas who use more obvious skills- such as melisma and high octave belting- to impress, but it makes her no less a vocalist. Her voice has a “quiet storm” beauty.

As mentioned above, the Diva has excellent volume control and breath support, which she uses to create the requisite mood and ambience to compliment the production. Though often found to be singing with a low/medium volume- something which is often (wrongly) credited as the reason for the soothing quality of the voice- she can shift dynamics without any negative effect on the timbre of the voice [Pearls].

Collection of male Vocal Ranges

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Just because we are a site about the female voice, it doesn't mean we don't appreciate male singers too! Below is a list of male singers and their vocal range.

Just to help you compare Mariah Carey has a 5 octave range stretching from a G2-G7 which means she can hit 35 notes on the piano. (1 octave is 7 notes)

Adam Lambert Vocal Range: Bb2 Bb5 (3 octaves)
Chris Brown Vocal Range: G2-G5 (3 octaves)
Jamie Foxx Vocal Range: B2-G5 (2 octaves 5 notes)
Justin Bieber vocal Range: C#3-E5 (2 octaves 1 note and a semi tone)
Freddie Mercury Vocal Range: F2-E6 (3 octaves 6 notes)
Luther Vandross Vocal Range: B1-F#5 (3 octaves 4 notes 1 semitone)
Marvin Gaye Vocal Range: D2-Eb6 ( 4octaves 1 semitone)
Michael Jackson Vocal Range: A2-C6 (3 octaves 2 notes)
Omarion Vocal Range: F2-C#6 (3 octaves 4 notes and a semi tone)
Prince Vocal Range: G2-C#7 (4 octaves 3 notes and one semi tone)
The Dream Vocal Range: C3-C6 (3 octaves)
Usher vocal Range: A2-Bb5 (3 octaves 1 notes)

Miley Cyrus - Vocal Profile/ Range

Miley cyrus, milley vocal range

Miley Cyrus
Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves one semitone C#3- E6
Vocal Pluses: Unique voice, that is instantly recognisable. Surprisingly wide range.
Vocal Negatives:  Nasal tone, and a chest voice that is shrill and piercing.

This Video is by guisousacunha1 and lets you listen to her range

Wednesday 3 November 2010

[Vocal Profile] Taylor Swift

Vocal Type:Light Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 2 octaves and 3 note  [D3- G5]
Vocal Pluses: A clear and simple voice that favors a strong melody over vocal bells and whistles. Whether an artistic choice, or due to vocal limitations, it's a style that successfully lends itself to the narratives the Diva injects into her art, allowing for her lyrics to be understand and appreciated. Though not often heard, Taylor can hold notes throughout her range [Red 1, 2], and has demonstrated some dexterity, being able to switch to her head-voice quickly [I Knew You Were Trouble] .

Taylor's mid-range, at its bottom, has a slight huskiness to it [Innocent]. However that quickly lifts, as the voice takes a nasal placement, revealing a bright and definite tone that is without any real texture. The Diva can create more texture, but in doing so the voice becomes less dynamic, becoming airier and thinner. Taylor often utilises this timbre for layering and creating harmonies [The Last Time]. Her easiness in the mid-range means she is free to play with her delivery- for instance adding a playful scorn to her tone in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together to accentuate the lyrical content. The intrinsic character of Taylor's own speaking voice is most prevalent here, but it can be found throughout the range, meaning her vocals remain identifiable and attributable.

Her chest/belting range is cool and almost metallic in tone. Due to the lightness of the voice, Taylor doesn't appear to have any issues in this part of the range, being able to hit mid-fifth octave notes with little change in tone, timbre [State Of Grace]. Though there is shedding of weight as she ascends the fifth octave, it isn't enough to strip the voice of its character. The unwavering nature of her belts also suggests the Diva has great breath control and support when executing them [Collection of Taylor's belts].

The top of her range is soft, sweet and akin to a breathy falsetto [Forever and Always (Piano Version)]. The Diva sounds comfortable here, showing no issues singing here for lengthy periods of time.
Vocal Negatives: Overall the voice has a anemic tone, and lacks volume and power.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Cheryl Cole - Vocal Profile/Range

Cheryl Cole Pictures, vocal range, profile

Vocal Type: Mezzo- Soprano
Vocal Range: 1.7 octaves (Approx). F3- Eb5

Vocal Pluses:Voice has a pleasant soft quality in the head and mid range.

Vocal Negatives: weak voice that lacks strength or dexterity with a tendency to become thin and whiny as it progresses up the chest voice.

Sunday 24 October 2010

[ Vocal Profile] Lady GaGa

Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Range: 2.7 octaves (C3-B5 approx)
Vocal Pluses: Powerful, passionate,  multifaceted voice. Not only is it an expressive and well controlled instrument, but it's one that doesn't weigh on melisma to impress (though she is capable of using this vocal technique if required [Do What U Want] ). With her excellent breath control and knowledge, the Diva can hold notes [Fashion], jump octaves [Venus], and play with vocal dynamics at will [Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered].

Lady Gaga's low notes are well supported, and have a dark, solid and medium weight to them [Schei├če]. The mid-range is as chameleonesque as Gaga herself. It can be controlled, measured and mature [Fashion]; theatrical, poised and smooth [Lady Is A Tramp]; guttural, raw and raspy [ Dope]; or made perfect for pop music with the character stripped back, and a light, bright quality used  [Poker Face]. All this vocal variety stems from Gaga's excellent understanding of placement and technique.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Jennifer Hudson - Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Mezzo Soprano
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Range: C3-C#6 (3 octaves and a semitone)
Vocal Pluses: An impressive voice that is grounded in the gospel style. Hudson has the ability to hold notes for extended periods of time, without issue or strain, and is even able to do so in the upper extremes of her belting range (Hear: Everybody Needs Love (2.46).

Dark and rich in timbre and tone, the voice has an impressive weight to it (Hear: Where You At). Her midrange is rounded, solid and well connected to the the lower and upper range.

Hudsons' belting range is the strongest part of her voice, in large part due to her excellent mix. Elastic, powerful and with a good dynamic, it remains impressively resonant at higher frequencies( E5-B5).

Vocal Negatives: Under utilised head voice.

Friday 31 July 2009

Aretha Franklin - Vocal Profile/ Range

aretha franklin vocal profile

Vocal Type: Mezzo-soprano
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Range: 3.5 G2- E6 (approx)
Longest Note: 5 seconds ("old landmark")
Vocal Pluses: Powerful, passionate voice, which is grounded in the Gospel tradition. Both a technical and an emotive singer, Aretha Franklin is able to sing complex vocal runs, that can span the top of her range right down to the bottom, as well as hold notes for lengths of time with ease.

Aretha Franklin has a well connected range, that appears to sound easily accessible both at the top and the bottom. The lower range is thick and weighty with a dark colouring and a slightly smoky timbre. The midrange begins to become more nasal, and lighter as it ascends into the belting range.

The belting range is incredibly elastic and powerful, having been known to hit a D6 when mixed with its head voice [listen here]. This part of the range is characterful and easily attributable to Aretha Franklin, due in part to its quick vibrato and nasal tone. Though her voice becomes lighter as its frequency increases, it still retains its resonance and power up into its top reaches. Her flexibility and ease in this part of the range is almost unparalleled.

Vocal Negatives: The voice has become more nasal as she has aged which has lessened the power, and quality of the higher notes.

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Nina Hagen- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Soprano
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Range:3.1 Octaves. D3- F6 (approx)
Longest Note: 11 seconds
Vocal Pluses: Glorious soprano highs and amazing tenor like lows and a voice that is able to scream in a rock wail or be soft as any balladeer. Versatility is key to defining the voice of this lady. I would be very surprised if she is not classically trained.
Vocal Negatives: Nina's flexibility may not be to everyone's taste and it's likely the extreme way she uses her voice will turn many listeners off.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Sarah McLachlan - Vocal Profile

sarah mclachlan vocal range

Vocal Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: 2.4 Octaves. F3- B5 (approx)
Longest Note: 9 seconds - 'Icecream' (live)
Vocal Pluses: Good control and nice timbre
Vocal Negatives: Tendency to yodel

Tuesday 17 March 2009

[Vocal Profile] Rachelle Ferrell

Vocal Type:Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range: 4.4 notes, G2- D7 (approx)
Longest Note: 17 seconds [With Open Arms]

Vocal Pluses: Rachelle Ferrell is a technical and emotive vocalist who uses the whole vocalising apparatus to create the unique sound that has come to be her trademark. In a live setting this is most physically noticeable by the Diva’s mouth contorting as she shapes the sound leaving her singing cavity [America the Beautiful].

But within, the Divas technical ability continues, with excellent breath and core control allowing her mastery over dynamics [I’m Special]; holding notes for almost superhuman amounts of time, on pitch and without strain [Open Arms Live]; Yodelling [I'm Special]; crescendo with sliding scales [Only Took A Minute]; and scatting and singing complex melisma throughout the range [Anita Baker tribute].

With a dark and masculine lower range, the Diva has a weight present here that carries through all the voice- bar the upper belt and whistle register. Even at its lowest, the voice has a solid ring to it, and a clear and rounded sound.[You Don't Know What Love Is]

Monday 16 March 2009

Madonna - Vocal Profile/ Range

madonna vocal profile
Vocal Type: Mezzo- Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 octaves 2 notes G2- B5 (approx)
Longest Note: 17 seconds (Ray of Light at Live Earth)
Vocal Pluses: Adapts her vocal style to the music she's singing well. The middle of her range is her strongest suit: it's solid, with a warm colouring and a clear timbre. Her chest voice is bright and sharp. While her head voice can be either soft and delicate, or direct and solid.
Vocal Negatives: Voice becomes thin and nasal, very quickly, as it gets higher up and into the chest range.

[Vocal Range] Celine Dion

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 1 note and a semitone B2- C#6 (approx)
Longest Note: 13 seconds - 'The Reason'
Vocal Pluses: Celine Dion is a technical singer who has great understanding of vocal placement, support, and projection. With this knowledge comes the ability to sing complex vocal runs with speed and accuracy. It is also responsible for her ability to hold a note, perfectly on pitch, without any wavering, better than most- see All by Myself .

Celine Dion's lower range is dark and slightly raspy but, for the most part, well supported and accessed via healthy technique. Her midrange can be warm, and slightly airy with an easy, lyrical quality- see Falling into You- or can be soft and sweet, though more substantial in its weight- Because You Loved Me. It leads effortlessly into her strong, clear belting range. This part of the range is noticeably contrasting to the lower half, being cooler in colour, thinner in texture and sharper in timbre. Celine Dion is astonishingly able to reach up into the sixth octave in this part of her range, so brilliant is her ability in mixing her belting voice with her head voice.

Celine Dion's head voice alone, is full and weighty, with an operatic tinge and control-see video below- though it is not often used by the singer.

Vocal Negatives: The nasal quality of Celine Dion's belting voice, as well as it's piercing quality can become overwhelming at higher frequencies. Also her lower range is weak and breathy.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Alexandra Burke - Vocal Profile/ Range

alexander burke vocal profile

Vocal Type:  Contralto
Vocal Range: 2.3 and a semitone octaves. E3- Bb5 (approx)
Longest Note:10 seconds - 'The Silence'
Vocal Pluses: Rich, deep, silky texture that permeates the low to midrange. Her chest voice impressively retains a weight even up into the fifth octave and has a raspy quality that adds an interesting texture to the voice. She is able to hold notes easily, with or without applying her quick vibrato.
Vocal Negatives: Her head voice is relatively weak and poorly connected to the rest of the voice.

Saturday 14 March 2009

Rihanna - Vocal Profile/ Range [Lyric-Contralto 3 octaves]

Vocal type: Lyric-Contralto
Vocal Range: 3 octaves 2 notes(B2- D6)
Whistle Register: No
Longest note: 8 seconds - 'Hate That I Love You'
Vocal Pluses:Distinct tone that makes Rihanna's voice easily identifiable. Voice sounds best in it's low to mid range- as heard in the verses of Russian Roulette- where it finds a solid tone that has a slightly smoky quality to it.

Rihanna's belting range has improved in recent years; where previously her voice was nasal and thin, it now has a degree of strength and weight to it, sounding correctly placed- Listen to Only girl (in the world).

Rhianna's head voice is soft and airy with a sweet and warm tone and is capable of switching quickly and effortlessly into that part of her range. She has the ability to hold notes for lengths of time, while maintaining its dynamics and tone, as well being capable of singing vocal runs with apparent ease.

Vocal Negatives: Rihanna's voice can still sound nasal at times, particularly in live performances.