Friday 24 December 2010

Annie Lennox Sings Mariah Carey's Praises.

annie lennox, Mariah CArey, Maxwell
Annie Lennox Looks on as Mariah Carey Sings in Washington

Who would have thought cool-as-a-cucumber, former Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox would be a fan of  the cleavage flaunting, Hello Kitty-loving, woman-child that is Mariah Carey? Not me for starters!

I'm a fan of both Annie Lennox and Mariah Carey but the two singers are at such opposite ends of the musical, personality, ideological, you name it, spectrum I would never have thought there would be any mutual appreciation between the singers. In fact when Mariah Carey performed O come all ye Faithful in Washington this month I was sure I saw disdain on Annie Lennox's face as she watched Mariah singing  (see the picture above). Well shame on me for coming to that assumption!

What with Annie Lennox being  a brilliant vocalist herself, it was pretty naive of me to assume she wouldn't recognise and appreciate, even more so than those who aren't singers, vocal talent when she hears it! Even so, it was nice to hear a veteran singer giving Mariah some kudos for a change!

Scottish powerhouse Annie Lennox admits All I Want For Christmas Is You warbler Mariah Carey is still her favourite fellow songbird.
Despite having her own festive album A Christmas Cornucopia in the shops, Annie still loves hearing Mariah's biggest selling Christmas song.
The 55-year-old told Magic 105.4: "Whatever you feel about Mariah Carey, when you hear her sing, ohh my God! I've never heard a voice like that!"
Source: Daily Star UK

Watch below as Mariah Carey Sings O Come All Ye Faithful with Annie Lennox watching  in admiration behind.


  1. I think Annie does not like Mariah at all!!! The way she's looking at Mariah in that vĂ­deo says it all.
    That was the second time they met on the same stage. The first was at Live8 concert 2005, when Paul mccartney ask Mariah to sing for him, and she almost stole the whole show with all those belts. SEE:
    It happens at 1:45 of the video.

  2. INCREDIBLE!!! Jeez that's a great performance. Shame she didn't smash the very end with a whistle, but I think that must be one of the best live vocals I've ever seen.

  3. I guess She didn't blow the final whistle because the choir sang the wrong part at the end, so She lost the right moment. They should have sung "And he shall rein for ever and ever"

  4. what are u saying puta}!?