Friday, 6 January 2012

Jessica Simpson Vocal Range / Profile

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 2 notes and a semitone (E3-G#6)
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Pluses: The midrange is smooth and slightly smoky. Depending on the placement of the voice, the chest voice can be bright and smooth- when mixed- or edgy and coarse-when it's pulled up into the throat. The lower half of the belting range- up to a C5- is where the voice finds its strongest sound; being resonate and controlled. The vibrato is stable and pleasant and smooths out any harshness in tone that poor technique may induce. Has the strength and stamina to hold notes for impressive lengths of time throughout the belting range without wavering in pitch.  The head voice is heavy with a piercing quality and fullness to it.
Vocal Negatives: Poor technique; the belting voice is often placed in the throat, making the sound produced sound like shouting in the higher extremes, and the control over the voice can be inconsistent.


  1. Spot on, I'd say. She definitely has a nicer voice than her sister, bless her. BTW, I watched a Kylie concert the other day and was pleasantly surprised, she can sing pretty well live!

  2.  Her nasal tone is a little off putting at times put there is no question that she knows the ins and outs of her voice, and is always able to deliver consistent  live vocals from the performances I've seen. Her last concert keeps playing on sky, but I keep missing it...I should really just sky plus it.


  4. People forget that Jessica was known for her vocal ability when she first came out. She and Christina were the ones who could "sing their butts off" and Britney, Mandy, etc, were known more for their dancing and lip syncing. Jessica never had great technique but I was still wowed by the power and range of her voice. Too bad she pretty much stopped marketing herself as a singer and became more of a "product." I think that, with more training, she could have achieved great things as a vocalist. Oh well.

  5. I just love Jessica and her voice. I think she is underrated vocally, to be honest.

  6. OHMAHGAWD!!! I never knew she was this good what happened!?!?!?

  7. Her open mouth when belting is so off-putting :/

  8. The first time I ever saw Jessica utilize a vibrato while belting was when she belted and sustained a G5 for 13 seconds. I can't even imagine what she would be like if she was taught to use proper technique while singing then she would really blow me away since singers who strain a lot never truly reach their potential contrast to singers who actually sing with proper technique.

  9. When she sang the star spangled banner I loved it when she hit that F5 note near the end.

  10. does she still sing?

  11. She shouldn't.

  12. I heard that she is planning to make music again.

  13. I find this live performance (from only a few short years ago when she mostly wasn't a singer anymore) actually really pleasant and worth posting. Oddly enough it really hits it's stride once she goes high (the first half is just 'OK'). I think capture just the "Oh the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again" line, it's easy to see her natural talent.

  14. I 2nd that lol.

  15. Nicolet Foster15 May 2014 at 07:45

    I think when many singers become corporate, they develop a sound, and many times this signature sounds are not technically right, but they are known for that certain sound. Many of these singers sing better prior to corporate mainstream fame. I think its done purposely.

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