Friday, 17 May 2013

Jessie J's Bald Head Shines Bright Like A Diamond On American Idol Duet With Angie Miller

Jessie J is one fearless Diva. First she turns traitor on her own show, The Voice, by dilly-dallying with one of its rivals, American Idol, and then, if that wasn't enough, she has the nerve to do it with her bald head! The Americans must have been thinking WTF, who is this chick and where is her hair! Seriously, is she that well known over the pond and do you guys even know the song Domino? Either way, I'm actually proud that she went on to such a big show and didn't conform by putting a wig on!

Duetting with finalist Angie Miller, Jessie demonstrated why she is considered a vocal force by this generation, with a solid performance full of her brand of high belting and crazy melisma. However, I think the last note, aka the money-note, wasn't the one she wanted and was unfortunately all kinds of strainymess. But still, she worked that stage like an energiser bunny, funnelling that energy and humility right down my monitor. Bless JJ and her bald head.(BTW she shaved her head for charity)


  1. It was for a worthy cause and it would be silly to wear a wig but...bald , imo, really does not look well on Jessie. Combined with the outfit, I find that look trashy.
    But then again....the music is the important part. To me she sounded good and she has great stage presence. Energetic and likable.

  2. @JessieJ gets all my love for being the closest thing to Modern Diva that we've got right now. She's got balls walking onto that stage - country and stage that is not hers, with an in your face look - and did it with grace and confidence.

  3. Jessie J has an amazing voice. :)

  4. this wasn't THAT good, I do prefer the Candice duet, over this, Angie barely even sang tho.

  5. totally agree about the end note - she usually hits it with ease but this time it wasnt the same

    kudos to her though for looking fantastic

    ive never noticed her figure until now - very nice

  6. I hope you were kidding about that Domino part DD. That song got so much airplay in my area it wasn't funny.

  7. I thought the outfit was ugly and she totally forgot that families watch this show. I think if Jessie comes out with a "MEGA HIT" she could be the new Christina of this generation.

  8. Lol. I was being serious. I didn't know she tried to crack the US. Just checked wiki and saw it made the top ten on Billboard!

  9. I usually find Jessie rather irritating but this performance was pretty solid, obviously JJ sounded far superior to that of Angie but at least JJ let her do her thing (for as short as that 'thing' seemed)

  10. DID THEY EVEN REHEARSE THIS!?!?! My god I get that this was supposed to be "fun" but neither sounded great, of course Jessie sounded superior though

  11. I was going to say the same thing!

  12. Actually, @Diva Devotee, i've rewatched this a couple of times and the last note is actually completely on pitch and not really that strainy at all - I think she's just using a touch more of the "chest" than she usually does in her mix. Her tongue is completely flat on that note which means it's free of tongue or tongue root tension, her jaw is dropped at the back, her head is pulled back to stop from having throat and jaw tension.. that technique phwoooarrrrr.
    Maybe the difference is the little halt/hesitate she does before it and that makes it sound strained.

  13. She is a spinto :)

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