Tuesday, 23 July 2013

[Watch] Ellie Goulding Sings Acoustic Version of "I Need Your Love"

Ellie Goulding sings for Billboard

We've all heard Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding's collaboration I Need Your Love- seriously, radio is KILLING the song. But I bet you haven't heard the club track done this way. (Note: That bet is off the table if you've already seen this EXACT video, mind!)

Sitting down with Billboard on a tour bus in Pittsburgh, Ellie (and her guitarists) discombobulated and reconstructed the dance anthem, putting a fresh spin on the played out song. In other words, they gave it the acoustic treatment.

In the context of Ellie's own folksy-inspired back catalouge, this version makes more sense to me. I wouldn't say it's better, so much as it's different. But a bonus of this change of pace is that the focus is put squarely on Ellie's impish voice. A voice that has never been what one would call "powerful" can be better appreciated-note its delicacy, slight rasp and nimbleness - in an softer setting

Take a listen to both versions of I Need Your Love and let me know which you preferred! 



  1. Really think it's time you check out Anouk already. You will find some stuff actually worth a review LOL

  2. Ugh I don't like it. She sounds out of tune and I don't like the shouting part.

  3. I really prefer this version tbh! It shows us why Ellie is famous, her voice! But then being honest I really don't like the original version!

  4. I really wasn't feeling this, but I still absolutely adore Florence. I think the problem is the fact I am not a big fan of the Daft Punk song (I love their previous works though). I do love the Gossip though, their last album was thoroughly enjoyable fare!

    Speaking of covers though I was doing more digging for Kelly covers (Surprise suprise) HA! And found this, whilst its not the greatest quality the vocal just blew me away! Those upper belts were so exciting to hear :)


  5. tbh the production on the original is annoying

    but ive always loved her voice and the acoustic version really shows us she can sing

    some of the runs were unecessary... but not a huge deal

    she did a good job on this acoustic rendition

  6. Does this video show that she is still a soubrette or another type of Soprano because I always thought soubrette's had no extensive coloratura.

  7. "...focus is put squarely on Ellie's impish voice" LMAO best part of this entire post, even better than both versions of the song

  8. thedigblackbick29 July 2013 at 15:15

    Love her voice and the acoustic version

  9. She looks really happy and enjoying herself but to me both covers don't work.

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