Friday 17 February 2012

Watch: Jessie J Reworks Rihanna's "We Found Love" for Radio One's "Live Lounge"

Taking the lyrics of Rihanna's We Found Love back to their emotive roots- those that the original club banger somewhat obscured- Jessie J delivered a delicate, acoustic rendition of the song at her Radio 1 Live Lounge session.

She also treated viewers/listeners to a rendition of her UK number one hit single, Domino. Listen out for the impressive, G5 hitting, vocal-run-laden ending. Impressive- if not slightly excessive!

We Found Love:




  1. i feel that shes very good when it comes to acoustic studio performances 
    i dont really like her when she performs on tv as i feel the production can somewhat swallow her up and her voice doesnt sound as good as it does here

  2. I now have a new respect for Jessie J.

  3. She really really really really knows her voice so well!!

  4. She has a fantastic voice, I prefer when she sits lower in her range...either way she always comes up trumps when doing acoustic! A bit like our Gaga...

  5. I hope rihanna saw this! Just to prove to her that she really can't sing live at all

  6. i agree about it sounding better when its lower in her range
    even though she did a few too many runs for my taste - i think it was an incredible rendition

  7. Yeh she can do runs prett well most of the time its just she defo does over-do it big style! But yeh pretty cool version, she always brings it with live vocals at least and no lipping :)