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Wednesday 15 August 2012

[Review] Taylor Swift:"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Taylor Swift returns with new single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, taken from her October-due, fourth album, Red. Unsurprising-if you've noted the title- the single is a spunky break-up song, that sends out a very clear message to the ex involved: "it's over, Gurlfriend"...or rather "boyfriend" move on!

Thursday 9 August 2012

[Review] Ellie Goulding "Anything Could Happen"

I've really enjoyed all the free music English belle Ellie Goulding has been releasing this year- such as her excellent cover of High For This. That's why I'm surprised that I don't actually like the first single, Anything Could Happen, lifted from her upcoming second album Halcyon.

Friday 27 July 2012

[New Video] P!nk- "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"

Was P!nk's new video shot on a HD camcorder and edited together on the bundled video software that comes with every Mac? Because it sure looks like something I could have created at my local National Trust manner house, with a budget of ...let's say....50 quid. Realistically most of that'll go on the booze- because this is one director who needs to be liqueured up to create his "art"- but I'm sure I could create something that is a close approximation of the video Dave Meyers' delivered here for Blow Me (One Last Kiss)...well bar the flying machine part at the end. I'd probably need an extra tenner for that!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

[Review] Bat for Lashes- "Laura"

Spooky Diva Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, has returned to our mortal airwaves with new track Laura. An achingly beautiful song, that is built on the foundation of a sturdy and imposing piano score. One which contains all the calling-card-chords and motifs that fans have come to associate with Bat for Lashes' dramatic musical styling.

The vocal is as affecting as always on Laura, retaining its ghostly, other worldly quality, but there is a subtle change here, and it's noticeably warmer and vulnerable than previous offerings. The result is a song that moved me before I'd even had a chance to comprehend its lyrics.

Tuesday 3 July 2012

P!nk "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" [Review]

I love P!nk, but I don't love her new single, Blow Me (One Last Kiss). I had heard the demo version of the Greg Kurstin produced song a couple of days ago, and thankfully they've improved on that somewhat- production wise- because that was awful.

However, what this fine-tuned version has made me realise, is that it may have been the lyrical content that was the problem, more so than anything else.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Coldplay & Rihanna "Princess Of China" [New Video]

Coldplay and Rihanna finally release the green-screen heavy video for single Princess Of China [which I reviewed here, what seems like an eternity ago]. The teaser released a while back hinted that something a little special, and dare I "iconic" was in the making, but the actual video doesn't quite fulfil that promise. Well not to me anyway.

Monday 28 May 2012

Jennifer Holliday Schools American Idol contestent, Jessica Sanchez , in "I am Telling You" Duet

jennifer holliday and jessica sanchez

It takes a brave, or stupid person, to go up against powerhouse vocalist Jennifer Holliday. So whoever thought it would be a good idea to pair American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez up against her- well technically it was a "duet", but it sure didn't sound like it- was clearly either deluded about her talent or wanting to sabotage her chances of winning the series.

This performance of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going could have, in theory, worked for Jessica Sanchez if she had sung it solo, or duetted with a lessor singer. Her voice clearly has the styling and range to sing the power anthem. But in putting her up against Jennifer Holliday- who made the song famous, and who sang it best- it only highlighted Ms Sanchezs' weaknesses.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Grimes "Visions" [Album Review]

Visions single handedly stopped me topping myself after hearing Tulisa had hit the top spot last week with her awful debut single,We Are Young. Despite having never heard of Grimes before, Visions is actually the 24 year old Canadians third album, so it seems like I'm late to the party.

Grimes is that special kind of Diva, one whose creativity can almost literally be felt oozing out of the speakers. It was just what I needed to wash away the apathy and "woe-is-me" feelings I was starting to get from the overexposure of certain Divas and trends in current popular music.

It is almost unbelievable to me that this was not only recorded in 3 weeks, but was entirely written and produced by the musician in her apartment.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Guest Review: Marina and the Diamonds "Electra Heart"

It must be difficult for any artist to release their sophomore album knowing that it could make or break the career that they have so viciously fought for, but I think that Marina Lambrini Diamandis, or as she's better known Marina and the Diamonds, has succeeded where others have failed with second album, Electra Heart. Not only does she deliver the goods, but she brings them with personality, conviction and a genuine sense of tongue-in-cheek fun.

Monday 7 May 2012

[Review] Brandy Featuring Chris Brown- "Put It Down"

Brandy is back, and doing what she does best: taking risks. Teaming up with producer Bangledesh and featuring a verse from Chris Brown(yuck!), the track, Put It Down, sounds like nothing else out there at the moment. A good thing for anyone sick to death of the cookie cutter, Euro-dance/pop sound that is strangling the charts, but one that may ultimately pose a big risk to its success if people aren't ready to put their glow sticks down just yet.

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Tulisa Surprises With Her Cover Of "Titanium"

I never much cared for her music with the group N-Dubz, and haven't liked her new song Young; but I've always thought there was something interesting about X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos' voice.

Taking to the microphone at Radio 1's Über cool Live Lounge, Tulisa took on Sia and David Guetta's belter of a track Titanium. An apt song choice considering all the controversy surrounding her and that tape at the moment...nuff said.

Monday 30 April 2012

Alexandra Burke Performs "Let It Go" On "The Voice"

alexandra burke, the voice

Out to prove she is a Diva who can sing and dance at the same time, Alexandra Burke took to the stage at the finals of the Irish version of The Voice to perform Let It Go. It's the second single to be lifted from her, as yet unreleased, album Heartbreak On Hold and it follows the UK top three hit single, Elephant.

The voice was there on the night, and she had the steps down, but the overall package was strangely unpolished, and lacklustre. This wasn't helped by the dance crew, who were dressed to look "street" and "hip" but instead gave the performance a feel more akin to that of a rehearsal. It was a vibe propagated by the main vocal, which contained way too much silence and space within it that ultimately messed with the flow of the song.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Florence + The Machine Perform "No Light, No Light" On The "The Voice" USA

florence and the machine voice

Florence + The Machine are currently over in the States on their excellent Ceremonials Tour [read my review here], and so stopped over at The Voice to perform, and promote, No Light No Light, live in front of the judges.

The staging was amazing, the way Florence Welch appeared to the audience, like a ghost rising from her grave, was fittingly theatrical and atmospheric. As if by magic, the stage was then filled by other spectres, as a mob of spritely contemporary dancers bounded on to it from nowhere, and a solemn choir in black- who may as well have been hooded and robed- took to the stepped pyramid. This was as close to a pagan ritual as I've ever seen on live television. All that was missing was the sacrifice, though that might have taken place off camera...

Saturday 21 April 2012

New Music: Jamelia - "Loving Me "

Jamelia loving me entertainment

Jamelia's new single Loving Me has been played, in demo form, on British radio station Choice FM, and it's pretty darn-tootin' good. This 2012 single signals a well overdue return to music by the Birmingham native after an absence of 5 years- she has been popping up on television quite a bit in that time- and it sounds like she's ready to recapture, and surpass, the success she had with 2003's Thank You.

Friday 20 April 2012

Review:Cheryl Cole "Call My Name"

cherly cole 2012

Cheryl has finally dropped the "Cole" from her name, and now, like Prince, is going only by a single name on upcoming third album A Million Lights. "Cheryl" doesn't quite have the same ring as  "Prince", "Beyonce" or "Madonna", but I'm not complaining. Dropping the cheating scumbags' name has been a long time coming, and at least now Cheryl can use it to her advantage by getting a little free publicity out of the change. It's something she's going to need a lot more of now she's declined to return to her prime-time gig on The X-Factor.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

[Review] Christina Aguilera Sings "Fighter" On "The Voice" Season 2

christina Aguilera the voice season 2

Despite working with renowned vocal coach Seth Riggs, Christina Aguilera's Kermit the Frog voice seems to be getting worse if her performance on season 2 of The Voice is anything to go by! Entering the stage singing Hillbilly Bone, I've never heard her voice sound so ...ugly. I'm sure some will like the tone, and timbre, but to me it's not pleasant, and is not reminiscent of the voice I fell in love with.

The performance didn't improve much for Christina Aguilera as she progressed to her own song, Fighter, where she managed to dodges all the big notes, bar right at the end.

[Review] Paloma Faith- "Picking Up The Pieces"

paloma faith picking up pieces cover

I didn't like the brand of quirky pop that Paloma Faith was peddling with first album. It felt contrived and forced, as did the kooky personality she brought with it. Surprisingly, according to an interview with BBC Paloma wasn't a fan either [source], claiming it was more the record company than her who was pushing the sound;

At the Brits you said you had mixed feelings about your debut album. What did you mean?
The first time round, I knew what I wanted but I didn't necessarily have the confidence to stick to my guns. There was a certain degree of manipulation because I felt indebted, somehow, to the record label for signing me.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Review: Alexandra Burke ‘Let It Go’

2008 X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke seems intent on becoming the Rihanna dance diva of the United Kingdom with her second album, HeartBreak On Hold, if its first single Elephant, and, just released, follow-up Let It Go are indicative of what to expect from it. Not a move I'm thrilled with, it has to be said.

Let It Go is giving us more synths, more chanty/shouty choruses, and,of course, a dub-step breakdown- all things that seem to be a prerequisite of getting radio play these days. But its all kept light and breezy with a production that's weighted more towards the treble than the bass, giving Let It Go a sound that is perfectly suited for summer. Emotionally, however, it rings hollow, despite the "inspiring" angle of the lyrics.

Monday 2 April 2012

Rant: Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again"

I am not even going to call this a review, because Jennifer Lopez's new single, Dance Again , is so AWFUL it doesn't merit my time analysing it. Instead I'll offer a few suggestions to those who had a hand in its creation: The singer, the producer, and the rapper.

Review: Toni Braxton "I Heart You"

toni braxton 2012 I heart u video

Surprisingly slow to capitalise on the the success of the hit show she and her family star in, the eldest, and most successful sister, Toni Braxton, returns with new single I Heart You.

Hearing the song about a month back I wasn't overly impressed. Despite aiming for the club, the production was a little limp and lifeless to really grab, and the vocals weren't anything exceptional. We all know Toni Braxton can really sing, but here she was delivering the vocals like it was a ballad instead of a club track! Everything about this song needed to be lifted and energised. I do like the build up in the middle and the following Christina Aguileraesque vocal run that follows it, but I think this song would have worked with more fire or, failing that, at a slower tempo.