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Monday 16 February 2015

[Review] Watch Ariana Grande Deliver Her 2015 NBA All-Star Half Time Show

ariana Grande NBA Half-time 2015

Christina Aguilera may have opened the NBA All-Star Show, but the honor of performing at its half-time fell to Diva in training, Ariana Grande.

Starting her ten minute-plus extravaganza with Problem, the Diva delivered  a slightly sloppy rendition- with issues in her breath control being evident from the outset. However, she did hit a G#5 like it was nothing at the song's climax, so yay her.

Next followed The Weeknd-assisted Love Me Harder, which only highlighted the issues with her breathing further. The sparse opening was particularly unforgiving, leaving nowhere for her voice to hide. Things improved considerably when it came to her debut single, The Way.

Thursday 29 January 2015

[Quiz] Which Diva "Whistled" What?

The highest part of the voice- AKA the "whistle" register- is often thought of as nothing more than a freakish extension of a person's range. So devoid of character and individuality that it adds precious little to a vocal, bar a chance for showboating. Blasphemy, I say!!

We here at DivaDevotee are a (mostly) proud bunch of flageolet lovers (hehehe), who I'm sure think can attribute a whistle tone to a particular singer with relative ease. (Me included!) But let's find out if this is true, with the 9 question quiz below!

Simply listen to each example, check the Diva's name and submit your answer to find out if you were correct or not. It would be cool if you could tot up your score and post it, along with any other whistle-related discussion, in the comments.

So watcha waiting for. Give your ears a workout.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

[Duellng Divas] "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Since it is the season, I thought this latest addition to the Duelling Divas series should be somewhat related.

We've already had a Christmas battle [See: O Holy Night], so this time I've found a winter classic that is pertinent to the coldest season of the northern hemisphere, but isn't holiday related. A bonus of this pick is that it's been covered by such a wide range of singers, over such a large period of time, that we'll get to deal with Divas who don't usually get a look in on the blog.

Before we get to the music, here's a quick blurb from Wiki on the song:

Monday 8 December 2014

[Watch] Demi Lovato Replaces Ariana Grande During "Bang Bang" Live Showing

Ariana Grande move over! Demi Lovato is the vocalist we really deserved for the Jessie J collaboration extravaganza that was Bang Bang. And thanks to a live showing in San Jose, CA, we finally got to hear how the song could have sounded if a punchier vocalist had taken up the reigns of the track's second vocalist.

Monday 24 November 2014

[Watch] Divas Rock the 2014 AMAs

The 2014 American Music Awards happened yesterday at the Nokia Theater in LA. Amidst the boring award giving, there was a peppering of Divas who took to the stage to entertain and amuse.

The standout of which had to be Jessie J, who absolutely smashed it with Bang Bang. Even though she was sharing a stage with two- arguably more famous- Divas, Jessie remained unbothered, out shining both with nothing but voice and charisma. This woman was born to be on stage.

(Also, Taylor Swift takes a little bit more of my heart every time I see her getting her life at an award show. I'm worried soon they'll be no more to take!)

Thursday 6 November 2014

Ariana Grande Takes Wrong Turning At Albuquerque, Ends Up @ 2014 CMAs

Did Ariana Grande take notice of Taylor Swift's gargantuan - by comparison to everyone else in 2014- first week sales ? That's the only reason I can think of as to why she popped up at the 2014 Country Music Awards to duet with Little Big Town. Someone's eyeing up that that Country cash!

Saturday 20 September 2014

[Watch] Ariana Grande Attempts Jessie J's "Bang Bang" climax! Sucessfully or Not, You Decide!

Jessie J is a vocal beast. I can't deny that- can you?! Case in point, the vocal during the bridge of her latest single Bang Bang.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

[Read] Ariana Grande's Interview Demands: Don't Mention MARIAH!

So you wanna interview latest pop sensation, Ariana Grande? Well you better learn the rules, and refrain from talking about the following things:

Thursday 4 September 2014

[Discussion Post] Ariana Grande's New Album "My Everything"

Ariana Grande has scored her second number one album in less than a year with sophomore release My Everything. Many congratulations flow from my lips to this young Diva's ears!

Unfortunately I haven't picked up the album...yet. Thus I can't really comment on it, bar the singles that have come from it- which have already been discussed in previous posts [see:Best Mistake, Bang Bang, Break Free ].  I should add, I've tended to like the tracks a lot more after sitting with them for a while- despite what I've written previously about them.

Monday 25 August 2014

[Watch/Review] Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J Open 2014 VMAs

Opening the 2014 VMA's was a trio of lovely Divas.

First out on stage was Ariana Grande, who arrived in a UFO to perform new single Break Free. It was a noticeably less nasal (than usual) vocal from the Diva, and change was also seen in her confidence levels, which seem to have grown. Though a little out of breath at some points, I can't deny Ariana delivered the goods on the night, opening the VMAs the right!

Following her came rapper Nicki Minaj, who delivered exactly no surprises with her performance of latest, Vevo record-breaking, hit Anaconda. Much like the video, Nicki served up bootay. It wasn't something the "celebrity" crowd the camera panned to (The Kardashian Klan/ Rita Ora) looked unimpressed with, but the audience seemed to go wild for it.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

[Review] Ariana Grande - "Best Mistake"

Ariana Grande has released a third song from her sophomore album, My Everything.

The Big Sean assisted Best Mistake is a piano-driven, merry-go-round of a love song that finally offers Ariana's light voice an opportunity to shine, without the production overpowering it- as was the case in both Break Free and Bang Bang.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

[Review] Jessie J Feat. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj - "Bang Bang"

Jessie J kind of fell off with her second album Alive.

Hoping to reclaim former success with album number three, the Diva has released its lead single, the much hyped Bang Bang. A song that should make her relevant alone with its featured artists: vocalist Ariana Grande and rapper Nicki Minaj.

With a gospel influence and two capable singers at its helm, I was expecting one helluva vocal show from Bang Bang. It's an expectation that never really fulfilled, with the song peaking after halfway with a throat-busting (A Cappella) run from Jessie that should see the singer blow out her voice box sometime this year when attempting live. After that "moment", it's a noisy stumble to an unsatisfying conclusion.

Thursday 3 July 2014

Ariana Grande Embraces EDM With "Break Free"

Has Ariana Grande decided to move on from the Rnb stylings of her debut album Yours Truly? Break Free, the next single to be taken from her upcoming second album My Everything, would seem to suggest so.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Ariana Grande Sings "Problem" @ The Radio Disney Music Awards

Ariana Grande needs to grow a beard or something because watching the baby faced singer dancing the way she did at Radio Disney Music Awards was bordering on the uncomfortable for me.

I suppose it's not her fault she looks so fresh faced, but knowing her real age (20) didn't make it any easier to watch her dance suggestively while performing new song Problem. It really wasn't helped by the deer in the headlights expression she had on her face throughout- if you're gonna go down the "fierce" route, at least commit to it fully with the requisite facial expressions- or childish Mickey Mouse ears she had teamed with the adult leather corset thing she was wearing. I suppose the attitude is something she can work on as she gets used to this new, totally believable(!) image. However, I'm not sure I'll be along for the ride if she continues in this direction. It's just too creepy.

Kudos to the Diva for trying to work on her stagecraft, and for singing live whilst dancing, though. Sure, she still sounded like she was mumbling, but it didn't seem like she was struggling doing the two things together. The song itself, I'm not convinced on yet.

Friday 7 March 2014

[Watch] Ariana Grande Covers Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" @ "Women of Soul" Concert

Patti Labelle, Janelle Monáe, Jill Scott, Tessanne Chin and Melissa Etheridge Ariana Grande

Perhaps keen to move away from the Mariah Carey comparisons, Ariana Grande has now taken to covering Whitney Houston's material in her setlist. For her part in the Women of Soul concert, held at the White House, the Diva did her best to recreate Whitney's classic, I Have Nothing. But how did she fair? Take a look below!

The cover was good, but Arina's voice doesn't have the weight or gravitas that Whitney's legendary voice had. As such, the voice sounded to be struggling in parts, especially with its dynamics and a consistent tone, with the Diva trying too hard to mimic the original vocal. I was also surprised to hear quite a bit of tension in the voice- which is something I can't say I've noticed in Arina'a voice before.

The vocals improved greatly when it came to singing her own material, which consisted of a stripped back version of Tattooed Heart. However, her part in the closing ensemble- which featured Patti Labelle, Janelle Monáe, Jill Scott, Tessanne Chin and Melissa Etheridge- had the Diva coming in WAY too high, thus sounding like she didn't know the melody!! Either that or I've heard a different version of Proud Mary.

Still, I enjoyed watching this little video- especially since it was for a good cause.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

[Battle] Demi Lovato Vs. Ariana Grande - Which Is The Better Singer?

ariana vs demi

New segment time! Get out the decorations, it's party time! Done? Now put em away! Ain't nobody got time fo' no party! So what's the new segment? Well it's something I've previously avoided out of fear of the site being overrun by nutters- but I live in fear no more!! Why? Because all that drinking over the holiday season has given me some sort of brain damage and I now trust people to be sensible when dealing with Divas being pitted against one another!

Thursday 5 December 2013

[Watch] Ariana Grande Wows With "Love Is Everything" And "Last Christmas" @ Rockefeller Center

ariana grande Rockefeller Center 2013

Ariana Grande continued her consistent streak of great live performances this year at the 2013 Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Singing original song Love is Everything, and a cover of Last Christmas, the pint-sized singer didn't miss a note, bringing effortless vocals despite the cold conditions. There was also a noticeable and appreciated change in her delivery style- being less overtly showy (in range and melisma) than usual. I'm not sure what else to add other than she was great and looked as cute as a button!

[Excuse the "watercolour" recording of Last Christmas, I couldn't find a better copy. You should still be able to hear Ariana's vocal under the person's voice]

Monday 25 November 2013

[Watch] Ariana Grande Saves 2013 AMA (Vocally) With "Tattooed Heart" Performance

Thank Pizza for Ariana Grande! Between Christina Aguilera's yawn-inducing performance of Say Something and TLC's continued desecration of my cherished memories, I was ready to give up on the 2013 American Music Awards altogether. [Note: This was before I saw Gaga and Katy Perry's offerings]

Okay, yes, the intro to Tattooed Heart was unnecessary and showy, but I'm guessing that was the point. Ariana is a new artist that I'm sure still feels has a lot to prove, vocally, to her peers and the audience. I can forgive her for that, as long as it doesn't carry on into her career once she's established. Besides, after that little indiscretion, she hit her stride quickly and gave an accomplished vocal. The song itself isn't one of my favourites, I should add, but I can't hold that against her delivery of it.

My only criticism is that I wish she'd have backed a little away from the microphone on some of the big notes, just to make them sound a little softer. But that was a tiny issue in an overall fantastic performance.

Thursday 17 October 2013

[Watch] Ariana Grande Performs "The Way And "Right Here" @ "Kimmel Live"

It's been a while since we had some Ariana Grande on the site, so let's change that with her set at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Taking to the stage, the pint-sized singer with the 4-octave range gave us near enough note perfect renditions of Yours Truly's The Way and Right There.

Watching the performances it's becoming more and more undeniable that Ariana's "whistle notes" are in fact extended falsetto. That's no bad thing, as it allows for more connection to the rest of the range, as well as more dependability, than the whistle register does- unless of course you're someone like Minnie Ripperton, who could seamlessly move between head/falsetto and whistle. However, though Ariana can definitely sing in the whistle register [see here], I'm still seeing fans wrongly credit notes like those in the videos below as examples of her skill in the highest register of the human voice.

Still, whistle notes or not, the elasticity and skill of her youthful voice is something to behold! Check out the performances and see if you agree with Katy Perry, who said of Ariana's voice:

"I love her. I think she has the best female vocal in pop music today...She has literally the best voice, the best voice live. She kills it. She's so good."

Tuesday 3 September 2013

[Album Review] Ariana Grande "Yours Truly"

Guest Reviewer: Brian Helms
Ariana Grande’s first musical project has finally come to its release date, and boy does she show a love of R&B with it. With the singles preceding the release of Yours Truly came a lot of comparisons to the young talent's favourite songbird, Mrs. Mariah Carey. With good reason too, as the young songstress can definitely sing. However, does the rest of the album continue to warrant these comparisons, or do we finally hear more of the artist’s individuality coming to the fore?